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40k – Iron Hand Dreadnoughts

Legendary Adeptus Astartes Dreadnoughts: Icons of Cybernetic Warfare

Dreadnoughts, symbols of the union between the biological and the mechanical, are revered relics within each Chapter of the Imperium. The evolution of these war machines from the ancient eras to their current iterations stands as a testament to their indomitable legacy on the battlefield. Whether in brutal melee or as ranged artillery, they serve as stalwart guardians, embodying the relentless spirit of the Space Marines.

Brutalis Dreadnought

The Brutalis Dreadnought, a formidable variant of the Redemptor Dreadnought, epitomizes relentless melee prowess. Engineered for sheer shock and devastation, its combat loadout sacrifices the pilot’s well-being for unparalleled combat effectiveness. Pilots endure the strain within their cybernetic sarcophagus, embracing a martial might that eclipses their former selves.

Armed with Brutalis Talons capable of rending tanks and infantry apart, or even dismantling a Chaos Knight’s legs. Optionally equipped with Brutalis Fists delivering thunderbolt-like force and wrist-mounted, twin-linked Bolt Rifles for anti-infantry firepower, their versatility is unmatched. An integrated twin-linked Icarus Ironhail Heavy Stubber deters aerial threats, while chassis-mounted Heavy Bolters or Multi-Meltas provide significant anti-armor capabilities.

Brutalis Dreadnought & Ballistus Dreadnought in Iron Hands Pattern

Ballistus Dreadnought

The Ballistus Dreadnought is another variant of the Redemptor Dreadnought. It excels as a ranged weapons platform, wielding a versatile Ballistus Missile Launcher and a devastating Twin-linked Lascannon. Tailored for countering heavily armored adversaries, it finds its niche against swarming xenos enemies like Tyranids and Orks. But it also have enough fire power for formidable singular targets such as large Tyranid bioforms or heavily armored Ork vehicles.

This Dreadnought stands as a pivotal asset in Adeptus Astartes confrontations, offering precise firepower to dismantle large enemy masses or eliminate high-value targets efficiently.

Iron Hands Dreadnoughts

In the tapestry of the Imperium of Man, Dreadnoughts stand as indomitable pillars of resilience, guardians of ancient wisdom, and embodiments of unwavering loyalty to the Chapters they serve.

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Land Speeder Vengeance in the Iron Hands Pattern

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