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X-Wing LAAT Repaint

I’ve had the pleasure of having several commissions for multiple gaming systems done by Minis For War and every aspect of the process has been great.

MFW provides quality service with clear communication, quick completion time and fast shipping.

They have become my go-to painting service and I highly recommended them.


Angron Display Level

After looking for a miniature painting commission service I choose Minis for War because of their competitive pricing.

After working with them on a very large (150+model) Black Legion Chaos Space Marine army, I can say that these guys/gals completely rock!

They have a quick response time to any questions/ concerns I may have had with the process and did an amazing job bringing my army pile of shame to life!


Minis for War and I go back a number of years, starting with Star Wars Legion and continuing through Flames of War.  Bart and his people have always been willing to work with me on a number of projects and I’ve never been disappointed with the quality of their work.

From assembly and painting to final shipment and packaging they always maintained high standards.  I look forward to working with them in the future.


Found this group of painters and I have to say, I am blown away not only by the quality of work, but the customer service I’ve received. MFW responds promptly to any questions I have about the project, and accommodates my needs immediately.

Also, they offer options and schemes to enhance the product without any prompts, showing that they have a real interest in pleasing their customers, instead of just pumping out product. I’m happy to continue bringing them work to create amazing models for me and my partner to enjoy.


khorne warlord titan

Hello fellow wargamers, collectors and players. 

If you are looking for a decent commission painting studio do not hesitate to reach out to Minis For War. I am mainly a 40K collector and I have shared with them various projects that I built myself

The contact was very good from the first idea and checking the calculation of costs, available painting slot, through discussing the painting scheme and expected level of painting.


MCP Mysterio Carnage

First time getting the mini painting done with you guys and to be honest for the service, the time it took to paint and ship the price is really good. It’s nice to have you guys buy, build and paint the minis at a professional level and get it done at such a fast pace. I truly see the love and care you guys put when painting the minis.

I went with the Marvel Crisis Protocol Mysterio & Carnage and those two minis seem very hard to paint. Yet every single detail was painted perfectly and Mysterio’s bowl head has a universe pattern which I absolutely love and it’s such a great added detail.

To top it all off, the shipping was amazing. I was worried something might come broken but you guys took every step possible to prevent any damages and I TRULY appreciate it!


Sea tyranid leviathan army

I have used many miniature painting services around the world and Minis for War is my favorite.  The quality of painting of models has been phenomenal.  Their communication with customers is excellent and the care they take in packaging/shipping the finished models is truly outstanding. 

What sets Minis for War apart is the level of customization (special basing, magnetization, weapon loadouts, etc) they are able to expertly provide.  They are currently working on my fifth commission and I look forward to many more in the future.   



Year 2022 will be always remembered as Glasgow AoS absolutely exploded. From weekly club nights to amazing tournaments.

Minis of War was there with us from very beginnings, best sponsor, supporting our events with amazing prizes. Roll on then to our first ever 72pax Gran Tournament with Minis of War!

Matt; Broken Realms


I’ve used several different commission painting services and Minis for War is by far my favorite. Excellent work, great communication, and fair prices. I’ve used Minis for War twice now and will definitely do so again in the future. I just wish I had found them sooner


I just had the pleasure of finishing an order with Minis For War for an entire Baratheon army for A Song of Ice and Fire. I gave the team fairly loose instructions with room for artistic license. Bart and the team were great and delivered an amazing product for a very reasonable price. 

They have very talented artists, keep you well informed, and deliver on time. I can’t recommend them enough, and I can’t wait to work with them again!