Minis For War Painting Studio

Commission Painting

Great War – German Army

Relive the epic battles of World War I with Flames of War Great War!

40k – Black Custodes

We offer wave-based commission painting to build your tabletop army month-by-month.

40k – World Eaters Army

Did you know that we often paint whole armies for collectors around the world?

Etsy – New Battle Ready Bases

Unleash your miniatures’ full potential!

Studio – Sort of the Latest Projects

History of tabletop wargaming & benefits of commission painting

Board Game – Dune: War for Arrakis

Asymmetrical strategy for 2 players, based on Frank Herbert’s Dune universe.

40k – Ka’Bandha

Ka’Bandha, a fearsome Bloodthirster of Khorne

Batman – Royal Flush Gang

A group of playing card-themed criminals

Board Game – Massive Darkness

Descend into the shadows of Massive Darkness!

Infinity – Few Words About

Unleash epic battles in Corvus Belli Infinity!