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TOP 5 Best Selling Bases 2023

TOP 5 Battle Ready Bases for Warhammer - 2023 Edition

In this post we want to go through our best selling, painted bases for Warhammer. We’re not only going to show you these products, but also tell you about some benefits of buying ready bases!

For those faithful to tradition - Classic Bases

Steppe - Click to go to shop
Jungle - Click to go to shop

For all of you, who hail the tradition we have a series of carefully handcrafted, battle ready bases. Made on High-Density Fiberboard (HDF) by our talented artists, they’re a masterclass themselves. Each base is crafted grass by grass, stone by stone and so on, then hand painted, which means each of our bases are unique works of art!

For those who loves modern solutions - 3D Printed Bases

Crystals - Click to go to shop
Lava - Click to go to shop
Ruins - Click to go to shop

For those of you who love well-detailed, more “fancy” bases – we also have a solution! A big selection of 3D Printed Bases, designed by Txarli Factory, awaits you on our webstore. All bases are first printed, then painted by our artists, using advanced painting techniques. In addition, every base has a magnet slot on the bottom, which opens a possibility to use magnetic boxes – and these are the safest way to transport your miniatures! 

For all of you…

You can choose within a high variety of available designs, sizes and so on. Your bases will be carefully packaged with utmost attention and will arrive in great condition, thanks to our commitment to protection during transit. We respect your inner peace of mind and always send our packages with tracked shipment so you can check where your package is at any time. Last, but not least, all of those ready, painted bases are fully compatible with Games Workshop products and tournament ready.

Do you have any questions? You can contact us and we will answer as soon as possible!


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