Minis For War Painting Studio

30K / 40K

40k – Harlequins

This guide explores their history, motives, and tactics on the tabletop.

40k – Kroot Army

Explore their Kinband society and alliance with the T’au Empire.

Warhammer – 40k Reveals

Adepta Sororitas, Genestealer Cults and more!

40k – Green Tyranids

Tyranids are more than mindless bugs!

Kill Team – A Skirmish Game in Warhammer 40k Universe

Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team lets you command elite warriors in close-quarters battles.

40k – Chaos Knights Alternate Scheme

Make your army stand out with alternate color schemes!

40k – Black Custodes

We offer wave-based commission painting to build your tabletop army month-by-month.

40k – World Eaters Army

Did you know that we often paint whole armies for collectors around the world?

40k – Ka’Bandha

Ka’Bandha, a fearsome Bloodthirster of Khorne

40k – Iron Hands

The Iron Hands are the ultimate warriors of metal and will