Minis For War Painting Studio



Board Game – Shadow of Brimstone Adventures

Shadows of Brimstone™ is a fully cooperative dungeon crawler

Studio – BRG September 2023 Painted Prizes

Check the miniatures we have prepared for the best Players of the last edition of Broken Realms!

ASOIAF – What is that all about?

What exactly is that system? What is behind its popularity? Read this article and check the answers.

ASOIAF – House Bolton

Trace their ascent, treachery, and eventual demise amidst clashes with House Stark and other Westerosi factions.

40k – Hive Fleet Leviathan

Tumultuous history of Hive Fleet Leviathan and the emergence of the Fourth Tyrannic War

Legion – 501st Legion

Origins, battles, and remarkable achievements of the elite Clone Troopers!

40k – Traitor Guard

Traitor Guard, disloyal mortals who align with Chaos

40k – Necrons

Necrons, soulless, ancient robotic warriors seeking vengeance and dominion over the galaxy

Star Wars Collectible – Galactic Civil War

The riveting tale of the Galactic Civil War, where the Rebel Alliance defied the Empire’s tyranny

MCP – Sentinels

Fascinating evolution of Sentinels in the Marvel Universe, from their origins to the looming threat of Nimrod.