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40k – Iron Hand Dreadnoughts

Dreadnoughts, towering cybernetic warriors entwined with ancient Space Marine pilots

40k – Roboute Guilliman

Learn about the life, rise, fall, and triumphant return of Roboute Guilliman, the Primarch of the Ultramarines, who became the lord commander of the Imperium.

40k – Agastus Space Marines

Unleashing the Might of Agastus Space Marines When it comes to defending the vast expanse of the cosmos, there is no force more formidable than the Space Marines. These elite warriors are a symbol of awe-inspiring power, unwavering loyalty, and unmatched combat prowess. As humanity’s first and last line of defense against the terrors of 40k – Agastus Space Marines

40k – Deathwatch Reinforcements

Deathwatch: The Elite Xenos-Hunting Space Marine Faction in Warhammer 40,000 The Deathwatch is an elite faction of Space Marines in the Warhammer 40,000 universe that was created to combat the alien threats that plague the galaxy. They are considered to be among the most skilled and experienced warriors in the Imperium, and are revered for 40k – Deathwatch Reinforcements

40k – Chaos Berzerkers

Unleashing the Fury: The Berzerkers of Chaos Chaos Space Marines are corrupted factions of the once noble Space Marines, who have turned to worship the Chaos gods and engage in acts of wanton destruction and chaos. One of the most feared units within the Chaos Space Marine army are the Berzerkers. Berzerkers are Chaos Space 40k – Chaos Berzerkers

40k – Adeptus Custodes Dark

“There are no bystanders in the war of life and death, no place the battle cannot reach; so fight it without remorse or relenting, for death will surely do the same” Hello there! Today we have a post featuring Adeptus Custodes for Warhammer 40k painted in black colour scheme (check our other Custodes projects) Captain-General 40k – Adeptus Custodes Dark

40k – Thousand Sons MIX

“The minds of gods are not for mortals to know, or to judge. Accept that Tzeentch has a place for all of us in his grand scheme, and be happy in the part you have to play.“ Hello there! Today we want to show you Thousand Sons miniatures for Warhammer 40k (have you checked our 40k – Thousand Sons MIX

40k – Ultramarines

“We are the Ultramarines, the sons of Guilliman. Whilst we draw breath, we stand. Whilst we stand, we fight. Whilst we fight, we prevail. Nothing shall stay our wrath.“ Hello there! We want to show you some Ultramarines models from Warhammer 40k that we painted with a pretty demanding method – Edge Highlighting. They’re considered 40k – Ultramarines

40k – Ultramarines Forces

Hello Wargamers! Our Artists painted small but really nice Ultramarines forces from Start Collecting! box. As you may see, they are reinforced by Librarian model. It is so good to get back to “old marines” – they still have a nice look 🙂 If you want to work with our team – send us a 40k – Ultramarines Forces

30k / 40k – Night Lords Vehicles

Solid pack of Night Lords vehicles we made last year (time flies!). Still worth to publish 🙂 List of models: Vindicator Rhino Predator Sicaran Battle Tank Contemptor Dreadnought Dreadnought Commission painting services –