There is always this one guy who is well known for his beatifully painted miniatures. I bet you know whom I am talking about! You know what? It could be you! Let’s together unload your pile of shame, or create something awesome from the scratch! Just imagine, how much more satisfying it will be, to play your favorite game with fully painted army! No more grey, or sad looking miniatures, take your gaming experiance to the next level!

Feel free to tell us how you want to realize your vision. You will see our passion when you collect an unique models. Support our team of talented artists and don't worry about your budget – there are so many ways to cooperate.


We are a team of professional artists offering you our dedication, experience and passion for painting miniatures. If you want to breathe life into your models, tell us more about it, together we can create something awesome!


Here you can find some of our works. Just take a closer look at our paintings. Step into a reflection of our soul and see if we have something in common.

There you will find minis in 10mm, 15mm and 28mm scales, representing many of the most popular wargaming systems.