Minis For War Painting Studio


Almost all models begin their journey into your hands as a semi-finished product. Whether it’s board game figures or the latest Warhammer boxes, they all require careful preparation.

Thousands of models have already passed through the hands of our Assembling Team specialists. Thanks to this, we know which elements require special attention and how to handle the most difficult projects.

All models require careful cleaning of mold lines and attentive gluing. Then we mask the places where the parts join using modeling compounds, so that no visible and ugly gaps remain. Finally, we apply a properly selected primer, and the models go to the painters’ desks.

Do you strip old paint?

No, we do not make this kind of work. The only exceptions are metal models and rare/oop models. Drop us a message, we will figure something out

Can I send already assembled models?

Yes, you can. However, the models will have to pass through the hands of our Assembling Team to make sure they meet our standards (in 99% of cases, we are concerned with the precise removal of mold parting lines). Painters hate mold lines! 😉

Do you make magnetization of parts?

Yes we do. You can also count on our help and advice on this topic.

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Your models will be in hands of experienced team of assemblers and painters. We can realise your vision and prepare models you have always wanted to have.