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Iron Hands

40k – Iron Hands

The Iron Hands are the ultimate warriors of metal and will

40k – Iron Hand Dreadnoughts

Dreadnoughts, towering cybernetic warriors entwined with ancient Space Marine pilots

40k – Iron Hands Leviathan

Uncover the story of the Iron Hands Space Marines, their unwavering quest for bionic supremacy!

40k – Sons of Medusa

The Sons of Medusa: Huge Army Unyielding Defenders and Masters of Perfection The Sons of Medusa, a renowned Space Marine Chapter and descendants of the Iron Hands, have carved their own indomitable path in the vast expanse of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Born from the ashes of the Horus Heresy, they emerged under the leadership 40k – Sons of Medusa

40k – Iron Hands Dreadnoughts

“Only when by the power of our hate we have truly shed the prison of our own flesh, shall we be judged worthy to stand at the side of the returned primarch. Every foe I slay, every stone I cast down, makes my hatred purer, and the day Ferrus Manus is restored to us a 40k – Iron Hands Dreadnoughts

30k – Ferrus Manus

“They are not my hands. This fact is forgotten by my brothers — inexplicably, it has always seemed to me. The hands are strong, to be sure, and have created great things for us all, but they are not mine. And that counts for something. They forget that the silver on my arms comes from 30k – Ferrus Manus

40k – Malkaan Feirros

Hello Wargamers! Malkaan Feirros is a present Master of the Forge for the Iron Hands chapter of Space Marines. The Iron Father is a very long-living marine acting like a mix between Chaplain and Techmarine. The miniature itself was a really interesting one to paint. In my opinion the overall look is great, pretty sure 40k – Malkaan Feirros