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40k – Ork Killa Kanz

Unleash the Power of Killa Kans

Killa Kans, or Killa Kanz in plural, are a unique and fearsome addition to the Ork arsenal. These cybernetic combat walkers may be relatively primitive by Ork standards, but their speed and deadliness are second to none. In this post, we’ll delve into the world of Killa Kans, exploring their construction, weaponry, and the intriguing role of their Gretchin operators.

A Glimpse into Killa Kans

Killa Kans stand on two piston-driven legs, supporting a rickety yet formidable “kan” armed with a variety of ranged and close-combat weapons. Despite their modest appearance, one or two of these contraptions can easily overpower an Astra Militarum Sentinel walker. It’s a testament to the Ork’s engineering ingenuity.

Gretchin at the Helm

Killa Kans are not piloted in the traditional sense; rather, they are inhabited by a particularly ill-tempered Gretchin. Building and fielding one of these walkers requires the combined skills of a Mekboy and a Painboy. The process involves constructing the vehicle and then surgically connecting a willing Grot directly into the control systems. This procedure, akin to the creation of Space Marine Dreadnoughts, is far cruder and messier. Unfortunately, it’s also incredibly painful.

Amplifying Aggression

The integration of a Grot into a Killa Kan significantly amplifies the creature’s aggression and savagery. The resulting fusion of primitive technology and brute force is a sight to behold on the battlefield. However, the price paid in terms of pain and increased aggression is not to be underestimated.

Akin to Deff Dreads

Killa Kans share several similarities with Deff Dreads, such as their formidable snipping klawz, heavy weaponry, and robust metal hulls. While they are individually smaller than Deff Dreads, Killa Kans make up for it by charging into battle in mobs of riveted iron, accompanied by roaring saw-blades.

The Quirks of Grot Pilots

Despite being part of a ten-foot tall war machine, Grot pilots within these machines still retain their inherent cowardice. Safety in numbers remains a core belief, and they tend to lose their nerve when faced with danger. It’s not uncommon to witness Killa Kans waddling in circles or freezing up entirely when confronted by adversity.

In summary, they may be primitive, but they are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Their unique blend of Orkish engineering, Gretchin-operated mayhem, and inherent quirks make them a fascinating addition to the Waaagh! Prepare for a wild ride when you encounter these cybernetic marvels in action.

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