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40k – Kromlech Orks

Let the Waaagh! Embrace You! - Kromlech Orks

Orks - Countless Greenskinz

The Orks, known as Greenskins, are a fierce and aggressive green-hued humanoid species found throughout the galaxy. They possess a distinctive blend of animalistic and fungal traits in their physiology, setting them apart. These beings closely resemble the Orcs from the dark fantasy world of Warhammer, initially labeled as “Space Orcs” to differentiate them, and share numerous physical and cultural characteristics with them. Our partner, Kromlech, takes Orks to another level!

Our Business Partner - Kromlech

Kromlech, a Polish-based tabletop miniature company, produces and disperses top-notch miniatures, accessories, and scenery designed for 28mm scale miniature games. Renowned for their meticulous attention to detail, the company has established a track record for delivering high-standard products swiftly, complemented by comprehensive logistics and customer support. These elements have been instrumental in the company’s ongoing success. Kromlech remains committed to providing exceptional products globally, ensuring continued excellence in their offerings.

A Wide Range of Kromlech Ork Miniatures

No matter what you need, small, big, chonky or skinny, Kromlech has them all! Groups, single miniatures, mecha-armours, everything are here! Kromlech Orks are a great supplement to every Greenskinz fan collection! Even Goblins are here!

Astounding Details

The miniatures aren’t crafted from plastic; rather, they’re intricately fashioned using high-grade resin, a material known for its durability and detailed finish. Despite their exquisite sculpting and intricate detailing, these Goblins are manufactured cost-effectively, using 3D printing technology

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