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40k – Ork Killa Kanz

Dive into the world of Killa Kans, formidable cybernetic Ork combat walkers!

40k – Orks Army Reinforcements

Orks in Warhammer 40k: Fast, Furious, and Fun Orks are one of the most iconic and beloved factions in Warhammer 40k, thanks to their hilarious antics, colorful personalities, and savage combat style. If you’re looking for a faction that combines melee combat, massed firepower, and a healthy dose of randomness, the Orks might be just 40k – Orks Army Reinforcements

40k – Mech-Orks – Gretchin BIG MOB

Hello Wargamers! We LOVE Orks. They are definitely our TOP3 army in 40k universe. Today I want to show you really big mob of Gretchins. We mixed models from classic Gretchin set, Kromlech resin models and some converted Gloomspite Gitz. For kitbashes we used mostly Genestealer Cult and Necromunda bits. As you may see, we 40k – Mech-Orks – Gretchin BIG MOB