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40k – Necrons

The Rise of the Necrons

The Necrons, enigmatic skeletal warriors, lay dormant for over 60 million Terran years within stasis-tombs. Born as the former servants and now captors of the dreadful Star Gods known as the C’tan, these soulless creations emerge once more. Their awakening signals an impending quest for conquest and the restoration of their ancient empire, older than the Aeldari themselves.

Ancient Beings with Unmatched Technology

Unparalleled in technological prowess among galactic species, the Necrons abandoned organic forms out of a desire for vengeance against the long-lived Old Ones. Manipulated by the godlike C’tan intelligences, they shed compassion and empathy, transforming into ruthless, undying machines. Their aim: to reclaim dominion over the galaxy.

The Stirring Awakening

After aeons of dormancy, the Necron legions awaken across desolate worlds. Machinery stirs with grim purpose, initiating the slow process of revival. These undying beings, having waited for the galaxy to heal from ancient wars, now stride across the stars. The galaxy stands warned as the unstoppable Necron legions rise.

Necron Dominion and Reclamation

Driven by an unyielding directive to restore their ancient dynasties and impose rule, the Necrons face a galaxy vastly altered from their last awakening. Many Tomb Worlds are lost, damaged, or infested by lesser species. Yet, with billions destroyed, countless more endure, their mechanical bodies near impervious to destruction.

Immortal, Implacable, and Unyielding

The Necrons’ self-repairing capabilities make them almost indestructible, their resilience near legendary. Even defeat merely delays their ultimate triumphs. Their immortality fuels patience, and their unbending will remains their defining trait.

A Looming Menace and the Hope of Resistance

The Necrons’ advance threatens the galaxy’s intelligent species. Preventing their unified awakening offers the only hope of survival. Should they rise unchallenged, the galaxy’s great powers will fall, leaving the Necrons to reign eternally as an undying, cruel, and relentless force.

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