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40k – Traitor Guard

Understanding the Traitor Guard: A Chaos-Aligned Faction

The term “Traitor Guard” encapsulates the disloyal mortals who abandon the Imperial Guard and Planetary Defence Forces to align with Chaos. This diverse faction doesn’t constitute a singular force but represents a segment of numerous warbands led by Chaos Champions within The Lost and the Damned.

Formation and Dynamics

Chaos Champions strategically attract lesser followers, forming unique, varied armies tailored to their personal motives. The strength and size of these armies widely differ. The Traitor Guard, armed and well-trained, stand as pivotal forces within these Chaos-driven assemblies. They’re akin to Imperial military deserters who forsake their Emperor, often taking entire Imperial Guard companies or regiments along with their arsenal and vehicles.

Distinct Traits and Capabilities

Contrary to other mutated entities, the Traitor Guard retain significant military skills and sanity. This retention marks them as a relatively dependable core within the chaotic ranks. They frequently align with warp-spawned entities through profane rituals, integrating mutants, Daemons, and monstrous entities like Chaos Spawns and hordes of Beastmen and Chaos Hounds into their forces.

Arsenal and Assets

The betrayal of Guardsmen extends beyond personal allegiance. Their defection sees Imperial Guard vehicles—Leman Russ Battle Tanks, Hellhounds, Basilisks, Sentinels—mobilized for the Traitor Guard’s cause. Notably, they employ Chimeras and Space Marine Rhinos for transportation, further enhancing their tactical flexibility.

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