Minis For War Painting Studio


Summary of Projects – May 2024 Edition

Check out our most interesting projects from May 2023!

40k – Kroot Army

Explore their Kinband society and alliance with the T’au Empire.

40k – Green Tyranids

Tyranids are more than mindless bugs!

40k – Ork Airpower

Orkimedes deliver! Take to the skies with the Orks’ wildest flying machines!

40k – Leagues of Votann Red Part II

Leagues of Votann, a powerhouse in the galactic core!

40k – Necrons

Necrons, soulless, ancient robotic warriors seeking vengeance and dominion over the galaxy

Sea tyranid leviathan army

40k – Tyranids Leviathan

Sea tyranid leviathan army

Dive into the insidious tactics of Tyranids, the galaxy’s apex predators, and how they infiltrate worlds.

40k – Ork Kultur

Explore the unique and brutal lifestyle of the Orks!

40k – T’au Empire Blue

Explore the T’au Empire, a rapidly expanding xenos civilization in the Ultima Segmentum of the Milky Way Galaxy!

40k – Forest Orks

How much do you know about Orks from 40k universe? This time, we have some fascinating trivia about Orks for you, straight from the grimdark universe of Warhammer 40,000: Waaagh! Energy: Orks possess an innate psychic ability known as “Waaagh!” energy. Their collective belief and enthusiasm can warp reality, making their ramshackle machines work and 40k – Forest Orks