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40k – Leagues of Votann Red Part II

The Leagues of Votann: Kin Descendants of the Primal Ancestor

A while ago we have posted a Squats army painted in a red color scheme. Today we have a second part of this army for you, including a hero, vehicles and elite troops. Each miniature will be followed by a short lore text about it. Without further ado, let’s go straight to the topic: The Leagues of Votann!

Einhyr Champion (Custom Miniature)

Experienced leaders among the Hearthguard, Einhyr Champions are entrusted with commanding from the forefront. They wear modified exo-armour equipped with mass drivers. Alongside their powerful close-combat weapons and robust RAM shields, this massive battle suit turns them into living battering rams. Their swift, forceful charge is potent enough to break through armored fortress gates.

Brôkhyr Thunderkyn

The Brôkhyr, skilled craftsmen within the Kin, craft incredible technological wonders. When these experienced engineers integrate with a formidable exo-frame, they transform into Thunderkyn. Derived from void-rigs initially employed for spacecraft upkeep by the Leagues, the armored exo-suits worn by Thunderkyn replace repair instruments with colossal, powerful weaponry. These weapons are utilized by the Brôkhyr to dismantle enemy armor and provide protective firepower for their Oathband.

Einhyr Hearthguard

Wearing powerful exo-armour and armed with an impressive assortment of weapons, the Einhyr Hearthguard represent a formidable and formidable presence. Whether they’re forming protective circles around their Oathband’s champions or launching aggressive assaults into enemy territory, they are nearly unstoppable on offense and incredibly resilient on defense.


Crafted to endure the most extreme challenges posed by unfriendly environments and extraterrestrial threats, the Sagitaur stands as a robust all-terrain vehicle (ATV) perfectly tailored for reconnaissance missions and rapid, armored attacks. These vehicles carry an impressive arsenal considering their compact size, capable of neutralizing enemy battle tanks. Additionally, they retain the ability to transport small expeditionary teams.


Hekaton Land Fortress

The Hekaton Land Fortress stands as the renowned battle tank and armored carrier for the Leagues of Votann, revered for both its strength and esteemed status. Equipped with a formidable array of powerful heavy weapons and exceptionally durable armor, this vehicle possesses the capacity to transport groups of Kin soldiers into combat. Its versatility as a military asset makes it a robust defense mechanism, serving as a formidable stronghold against any adversary.

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