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40k – Leagues of Votann Red

The Leagues of Votann: Guardians of the Galactic Core

In the heart of the galactic core, a formidable force known as the Leagues of Votann silently thrives. Comprised of the enigmatic Kin, these squat yet powerful Abhuman clones are a force to be reckoned with. In this article, we delve deep into their world, their technology, and their relentless determination.

Who Are the Kin?

The Kin, often derogatorily referred to as “Squats” by the Imperium’s Humans, are far from what their appearance suggests. These starfaring beings possess highly advanced technology and call the extreme environments of resource-rich worlds their home. Notably, they share their existence with self-aware robotic constructs known as Ironkin, treating them as equals in their society.

Misidentifications and Ancestral Origins

Throughout history, the Kin have been misidentified by various species. Known as the “Demiurg” to the T’au, “Heliosi Ancients” to the Aeldari, and by other names to different peoples, the Kin’s true identity often eludes outsiders. However, their earliest records establish a connection between their ancestors and pre-Imperial Old Earth’s mining fleets, solidifying their Abhuman status.

The Kindreds and Ancestor Cores

Within the Leagues of Votann, the Kin are organized into “Kindreds,” similar to clans or nation-states. These Kindreds are led by self-aware machine intelligences called Votann or “Ancestor Cores.” The Votann are revered by the Kin, and their deaths involve a mystical practice of uploading cerebral data, referred to as “returning to the Ancestors”.

Unyielding Determination in Battle

The Kin are known for their unmatched courage and determination in the face of conflict. To engage them in battle is to confront an unstoppable force that sweeps away all opposition. Their ruthless approach to war is unparalleled, viewing their enemies as mere obstacles or, worse, as threats to their survival, to be annihilated at any cost.

Allies and Adversaries

While formidable adversaries in battle, the Kin are invaluable allies to those who earn their trust. Their advanced technology and unwavering commitment make them sought-after partners in interstellar affairs. However, crossing them is a perilous path, as they spare no effort to protect their people.

The Leagues of Votann's Reach

The Leagues of Votann are expansive stellar empires, bound by shared history, genetic ties, and a unique culture. With the emergence of the Great Rift, their interactions with other starfaring races have become increasingly intense, leading to violent clashes and shifts in the galactic balance of power.

In conclusion, the Leagues of Votann, guided by their Kin, stand as guardians of the galactic core, a force to be respected and understood. Their influence on the evolving galactic landscape is undeniable, and their legacy is written in the stars as they navigate the turbulent tides of change.

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