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Bolt Action – Soviet Army

The Might of the Soviet Army

The Soviet Army, known as the Red Horde, relied on overwhelming numerical superiority to defeat their adversaries. Throughout the Great Patriotic War until Germany’s surrender in Europe, they persistently launched continuous waves of soldiers against their enemies. At the onset of the German invasion, the Soviet Union boasted the world’s largest military force, supported by ceaseless production in their homeland’s factories, churning out tanks and supplies non-stop to fuel their war efforts.

T34/85 Medium Tank

The T-34 series revolutionized tank design with its sloped armor, influencing German tank design and leading to the iconic T-34/85. This upgraded version, equipped with a more powerful gun and renowned for durability in harsh terrains, symbolized Soviet military strength in World War II. Its evolved design allowed for swift production, with Soviet factories outproducing the entire count of deployed German Panther tanks on the Eastern Front by the summer of 1944, highlighting the Soviet war machine’s remarkable output.

GAZ-AA Truck

The GAZ-AA, manufactured at the Gorki Auto Plant in the Soviet Union between 1932 and 1938, marked the factory’s inaugural truck bearing the GAZ brand. Among Russian speakers, it’s commonly known as “polutorka” (полуторка), signifying “one-and-a-halfer” due to its ability to carry 1.5 tonnes (1500 kilograms).

Soviet Infantry

Soviet infantry during World War II stood as a formidable force pivotal to the Eastern Front’s grueling battles. Comprising soldiers from diverse backgrounds, these infantry units were characterized by their sheer resilience and unwavering determination. Enduring harsh conditions, they displayed exceptional fortitude, often fighting tenaciously in brutal urban warfare and across vast, unforgiving landscapes. Soviet infantry tactics evolved throughout the conflict, adapting to the demands of the changing battlefield. They frequently employed innovative strategies, such as the use of combined arms tactics and mass infantry assaults, leveraging their vast numbers to overwhelm enemy positions. Despite facing immense casualties, scarcity of resources, and challenging circumstances, the Soviet infantry played a crucial role in repelling Nazi forces and ultimately contributing significantly to the Allied victory in Europe.

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