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40k – Synthwave Tyranids

Feel the Synthwave with Tyranids Alternate Color Scheme!

Combat Patrol: Tyranids

Tyranids - an ultimate threat to the galaxy

Many, who only heard about them, tremble in fear as they think about them. Huge Hive Fleets composed of countless Hive Ships float through the cosmos. Searching for another world to devour in their eternal hunger.

Tyranids are an insectoid Xenos race. Their sole objective is to survive and devour biomass, ruining world by world and adapting to new environments to become even more efficient predators. 

Winged Tyranid Prime

Alternate Color Pattern - Synthwave inspiration

In the presented project our target was to make an interesting, alternate color pattern for Tyranids and our inspiration was Synthwave – genre of electronic music that had its beginning in the early 2000s. Final effect was astounding – we have created truly psychedelic miniatures.

Von Ryan's Leapers

Tidbit Corner: Synthwave - what is it?

Synthwave, a subcategory within electronic music, heavily incorporates elements from 1980s movies, video games, and animated series, taking inspiration from renowned composers like John Carpenter, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, and Tangerine Dream. Additionally, it references various electronic dance music styles such as house, synth, and nu-disco. While predominantly instrumental, there are infrequent deviations from this norm.

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