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‘NAM – The Vietnam War Miniature Game

Historical Background

‘NAM – The Vietnam War Miniature Game, published by Osprey Games, is produced by Battlefront Miniatures, who are creators of the famous Flames of War system. The game is focused on the conflict between the US and the Vietcong. This conflict, running from 1965 through to 1972, was mainly a Civil War between South and North Vietnam. However, South Vietnam was supported by the United States and other anti-communist allies, while North Vietnam was supported by the Soviet Union, China and other communist states.

What about the Rules and Miniatures?

Despite ‘NAM has its own rulebook, it is an adaptation of the rules of Team Yankee. However, ‘NAM takes us to the Vietnamese jungle. Through the game you can experience not only an open battle, but also a series of small skirmishes and perform guerilla ambushes! Notice that your standard Team Yankee miniatures feats into this game! Grab the rulebook and lead your army to victory!

What ‘NAM - The Vietnam War Miniature Game' offers?

This game offers us a choice of which side of the conflict we would like to join. The US Marines Corps has great firepower and mobility. However the Nationalists of North Vietnam have all the advantages of the home team, choosing when and where they want to strike to dominate their opponents in one, fast ambush.

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