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Team Yankee – Gameplay Overview

Understanding Team Yankee: A Game Overview

Team Yankee, inspired by Harold Coyle’s novel, brings to life a Cold War gone hot scenario. Played on a 6’ x 4’ table with 15mm miniatures, it offers a battalion-level wargaming experience. The rulebook encapsulates the story events, game rules, force details, and a painting guide.

Gameplay Flow

Getting Started

Players choose force size based on agreed-upon “points” and select missions, offering diverse scenarios like head-to-head clashes or exploiting enemy lines.

Mission Variety

The mission matrix allows players to align their forces with battle plans (Prepared Attack, Hasty Attack, Defend). It mirrors the book’s battles and introduces scenarios from the fictional war.

Battle Dynamics

Rounds involve rallying, movement, shooting, and assault, showcasing strategic dominance shifts and intense battles.

Detailed Game Turn

Deployment Phase

Players undergo Starting Steps, checking morale and victory conditions. Different formations affect motivation, crucial in army planning.


Players make tactical or dash moves, each with advantages and risks, influencing positioning for shooting and objectives.

Shooting & Artillery

Firepower, range, and unit positioning become key in causing infantry pins or forcing morale checks, crucial for victory.


Strategically planned assaults, supported by previous phases, attempt to dislodge entrenched infantry, tipping the battle scales.

Game Progression

Turns cycle through phases until an objective is captured or force cohesion is lost, defining the essence of Team Yankee gameplay.

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You can also watch some battle reports to get more familiar with the Team Yankee gameplay!

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