Minis For War Painting Studio

Flames of War / Team Yankee

Great War – German Army

Relive the epic battles of World War I with Flames of War Great War!

Historical – Pershing II Rocket Launcher Division

Pershing II Weapon System, a formidable two-stage ballistic missile that revolutionized Cold War military strategies

Bolt Action – Eighth Army

Eighth Army, a multinational force pivotal in World War II’s pivotal campaigns

Bolt Action – Soviet Army

Soviet Army for Bolt Action including a lot of infantry!

FoW – Panzer Kampfgruppe

What inside this starter force? Click and check yourself!

‘NAM – The Vietnam War Miniature Game

The historical wargame produced by the creators of Flames of War!

Team Yankee – Gameplay Overview

Explore the mechanics of Team Yankee, a wargame set in a fictional Cold War conflict.

FoW – Vietnam Army

Dive into the world of Flames of War, a captivating wargame!

Bolt – United States Marines Corps

Unleash the Valor: Command the USMC in Bolt Action and Forge a Path to Victory! The United States Marine Corps (USMC) in Bolt Action embodies the heroic legacy of the elite amphibious forces that fought tenaciously across the Pacific Theater during World War II. Renowned for their versatility and resilience, the USMC brings a unique Bolt – United States Marines Corps

FoW – British Army

The British Army: Courageous Defenders and Liberators The British Army during World War II played a pivotal role in both defending the British Isles and liberating Europe from Axis occupation. With their indomitable spirit and well-honed military tactics, the British forces stood as a formidable bulwark against enemy advances. In Flames of War, the British FoW – British Army