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40k – New Tyranids

New, stunning Tyranid miniatures

New, 10th edition of Warhammer 40.000 brought us with some new, outstanding looking miniatures for Tyranids faction. In this post we will show you some of these beauties!

Norn Emissary

Each Norn Emissary is a specially bred creature created by the Norn Queen to fulfill a distinct and precise mission. Whether it involves tracking a skilled commander, capturing a knowledgeable target, or pursuing an undisclosed objective. These immense creatures combine formidable psionic abilities with exceptional speed, intelligence, and immense strength. This ensures that each Norn Emissary is fully equipped to carry out its enigmatic mission on behalf of the Hive Mind.

Norn Assimilator

The Norn Assimilators are also created by Norn Queens. They’re relentless adversaries designed to target a specific strategically important prey. These immense creatures utilize toxinjector harpoons to dismantle fortifications, pull guards and war machinery into their grasp, or immobilize the target itself. All of it, ultimately lead them toward their unavoidable demise.

Deathleaper and Neurolictor

The Deathleaper represents an exceptional evolution within the Lictor strain. They’re designed as a specialized terror weapon. This superior Lictor variant is adept at instilling fear among enemy forces and targeted populations. They fullfil it by leveraging its expertise in stealth, infiltration, and targeted killings. Its primary objective is to create paranoia and dread, setting the stage for the imminent assault by the hive fleet.

Neurolictors are horrifying creatures designed for psychological warfare. Specialized in implanting mind-altering parasites and emitting a neural disruption field that triggers primal fear responses in their targets, regardless of their resilience. Derived from the Lictor bioform, these beings have an exceptional knack for remaining undetected. It makes their sabotage even more alarming, as their eerie effects often appear unexpectedly.

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