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Infinity – Few Words About

Corvus Belli Infinity: Sci-Fi Skirmish Wargame

Are you a tabletop enthusiast craving a thrilling sci-fi skirmish wargame? Look no further than Corvus Belli Infinity! This dynamic game plunges you into the heart of the Human Sphere, a vast interstellar civilization brimming with rich lore and fierce conflicts.

What is Corvus Belli Infinity?

Corvus Belli Infinity is a tabletop miniature wargame where players command highly detailed, 28mm scale miniatures representing various factions vying for dominance within the Human Sphere.

The game centers around tactical firefights and special operations, demanding strategic thinking and clever use of terrain and unit abilities to secure victory.

Here's what makes Infinity stand out:

Immersive Sci-Fi Setting: Infinity boasts a deeply developed universe filled with diverse factions, each with unique technologies, motivations, and histories. From the technologically advanced Combined Army to the fiercely independent Nomads, you’ll find a force that aligns with your playstyle.

Tactical Depth: This game is not just about rolling dice. Infinity rewards strategic planning and clever maneuvering. Carefully positioning your troops, utilizing cover effectively, and deploying special abilities at opportune moments are key to outsmarting your opponent.

Stunning Miniatures: Corvus Belli is renowned for its exceptional miniature quality. Highly-detailed and painted figures bring the Human Sphere to life, showcasing a wide variety of troops, vehicles, and scenery.

Thriving Community: The Infinity community is passionate and active worldwide. You’ll find numerous tournaments and events throughout the year, along with a wealth of online resources like forums, rulebooks, and video tutorials to enhance your gameplay experience.


Is Corvus Belli Infinity Right for You?

If you’re looking for a sci-fi themed miniatures wargame with fast-paced and strategic gameplay, then Infinity might be a right choice for you! It is a game with a rich and engaging universe that gives you an opportunity to join a passionate and supportive community!

Ready to embark on your sci-fi skirmish adventure? Head over to the Corvus Belli website or the Infinity Universe Official Site to delve deeper and explore the possibilities!

And don’t forget that we may paint your army for you, just contact us!

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