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Kill Team – A Skirmish Game in Warhammer 40k Universe

Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team lets you command elite warriors in close-quarters battles.

Infinity – Few Words About

Unleash epic battles in Corvus Belli Infinity!

Batman – Mix of Projects

Batman Miniature Game: An Exciting Way to Experience Gotham City! If you’re a fan of the Dark Knight, then the Batman Miniature Game is the perfect way to bring the action and excitement of Gotham City to life. This tabletop miniature game offers players the chance to control their favorite Batman characters and recreate iconic Batman – Mix of Projects

Board Game – Black Rose Wars + Sator Box

Hello there! Here we go with a Board Game called “Black Rose Wars”. Black Rose Wars is a competitive fantasy game of deck-building, strategy, and combat set in the hectic universe of Nova Aetas in Italy. In order to obtain the formidable power of the Black Rose Artifact and the Forgotten Magic, each player is Board Game – Black Rose Wars + Sator Box

Batman – Mix of Project

“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Hello there! Today we want to show you some Batman Miniature Game figurines from Knight Models. It’s a quick, skirmish game for two or more players set in Gotham City from the DC Universe. You can find here some Batman – Mix of Project

40k – Kill Team Octarius

“In the Killzones of Octarius, teams of specialist soldiers skirmish between ramshackle Ork structures.” Hello there! Today we want to show you terrain set Warhammer 40k Kill Team: Killzone Octarius. It’s the perfect complement for your games of Kill Team, and an ideal way to begin or expand your terrain collection. If you want a 40k – Kill Team Octarius

Malifaux – Wake the Dead!

Hello Wargamers! We are working on 2.0 version of our website – I hope we will be able to share some good news at the end of this month. In the meantime, I’d like to share with you this cool Malifaux project we had a chance to paint for one of you. That’s Wake The Malifaux – Wake the Dead!

Necromunda – Escher Death Maidens and Goliath Stimmers

Hello Wargamers! Necromunda is my beloved system and I am always happy when we can pain something for this skirmish in our workshop 😉 Today I’d like to show you two expasion sets – Escher Death Maidens and Goliath Stimmers. As a small bonus – a few models for Blackstone Fortress. Both sets painted close Necromunda – Escher Death Maidens and Goliath Stimmers

Necromunda – Van Saar Gang

Hello Wargamers! Are there any Necromunda fans? Personally I am a huge enthusiast of that skirmish system, so was very excited, when one of our Clients requested commission for Van Saar Gang. The paintjob was inspired by GW’s original painting scheme, we decided though, to use some brighter green and stronger highlights. Also added bit Necromunda – Van Saar Gang

40k – Kill Team Starter Set

Hello Wargamers! I am very excited to present you a Kill Team Starter Set! The kit has been painted for one of our Clients, accordingly to official scheme. In the box, you’ll find everything you might need to start your Kill Team journey, inc. both Adeptus Astartes and T’au Empire kill teams, scenery set, tactical 40k – Kill Team Starter Set