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Infinity O-12 Torchlight Brigade Action Pack

How to start O-12 Infinity Faction?

Infinity O-12 Torchlight Brigade Action Pack

Let’s talk about the O-12 – one of the factions from the Corvus Belli Infinity

Inifnity – ALEPH (Steel Phalanx)

Learn about the Myrmidons and their unwavering loyalty to the Jovian AI.

Infinity – PanOceania

Can they safeguard democracy in a war-torn galaxy?

Infinity – Few Words About

Unleash epic battles in Corvus Belli Infinity!

Battle Bases for Your Models!

Heya y鈥檃ll! Alien World Classic Are you looking for a unique and personalized touch to your miniature collection? Look no longer! Our webstore offers a wide variety of handcrafted bases that add a touch of uniqueness to your miniature collection, making them truly stand out. Skulls 3D Printed Our bases are carefully crafted by experienced Battle Bases for Your Models!

Infinity – PanOceania + Extras

Hello there! Sorry for being absent yesterday, we have a lot of work here in our studio 馃榾 Today we prepared a small showcase of the PanOceania project painted a while ago. As an extra we show here also 2 photos of conversions for Dragon Lady, Imperial Service Judge for Yu Jing Faction. It was Infinity – PanOceania + Extras

Infinity – Few Words About the Game

Hello Wargamers! In this post we want to talk about Infinity, a miniature wargame made by Corvus Belli. Dive into the world of galactic expansion with this dynamic and balanced skirmish game. It possesses a great amount of realism and flexibility, providing players with a wide variety of tactical and strategic maneuvers to employ during Infinity – Few Words About the Game

Mix of projects – Isildur, Alpha Legion, Orks and Infinity!

Hello Wargamers! Our Studio had a chance to paint some interesting projects in past weeks! I’d like to share with you a small compilation of photos: Infinity Dronbots Ork Megatrakk Isildur and Sauron Alpha Legion Terminators That’s a lot of good models painted by our team! 馃榾 If you need to paint your own collection Mix of projects – Isildur, Alpha Legion, Orks and Infinity!

Infinity – Yu Jing Sectorial

[:pl] To ju偶 drugi wpis na blogu po艣wi臋cony grze bitewnej Infinity! Ca艂kiem niedawno mia艂em przyjemno艣膰 pomalowa膰 zestaw Yu Jing Sectorial Starter Pack. Jest to sze艣膰 艣wietnie wyrze藕bionych modeli, kt贸re dodatkowo wzbogacone zosta艂y o 偶ywiczne podstawki Micro Art Studio. Malowanie zaj臋艂o mi do艣膰 sporo czasu, g艂贸wnie ze wzgl臋du na ilo艣膰 drobnych detali, kt贸rym trzeba po艣wi臋ci膰 uwag臋. Infinity – Yu Jing Sectorial

Infinity – Djanbazan Tactical Group

[:pl] Cze艣膰! W dzisiejszym wpisie odrywamy si臋 od warhammerowych klimat贸w i przenosimy do 艣wiata futurystycznego Infinity! Chcia艂bym Wam zaprezentowa膰 oddzia艂 Djanbazan Tactical Group, kt贸ry mia艂em przyjemno艣膰 pomalowa膰 jaki艣 czas temu. Modele s膮 w skali 28 mm i maj膮 realistycznie przedstawione proporcje cia艂a. Wygl膮daj膮 na bardzo drobne w zestawieniu z sylwetkami produkcji GW. Figurki wprost naszpikowane s膮 Infinity – Djanbazan Tactical Group