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Get to know our Painters – Interview with Loot

This is another post from the series of articles in which you will have opportunity to get to know our Team.

Today we want to show interview with Loot, one of our Commission Painters! Without further ado we’re going straight into the interview! 😀

What excites you the most about painting models?

 I think the coolest thing about miniature painting is how this small piece of (usually) gray plastic turns into a fully dimensional painting and just comes to life. And then you sit there and think, “Did I really do that?” It’s somewhat unbelievable, especially for a junior painter like me. 

I have been into character design since I learned what it was, so bringing some of my visions and interpretations onto the models gives me a lot of satisfaction. Recently, I have been working on Marvel figurines in the studio. I must admit it really takes me back to when I was younger, enjoying comics and playing games featuring these characters on the console with my dad. Painting minis reignited my love for some of the fandoms I’ve been in, as well as introduced me to new ones. 

The excitement to work on something I am familiar with definitely sparks a lot of joy in me, as well as pushes me to give this character the best representation (or a completely new one)!

What was your biggest surprise related to painting miniatures?

I remember on my first day walking into the studio, seeing all these stunningly painted minis and thinking – no way I could do that! But then, during my training, I learned a lot of techniques and tricks that really changed my view on miniatures. So, the biggest surprise for me was that “normal” painting, which before I started work here was what I was only used to, is a completely different form of art than miniature painting.

Do you have any cool tips for beginners in model painting?

Never be afraid to try stuff out. Sure, most of it will be really weird, or just simply won’t work out – but through trying, you will find what excites you the most about this hobby and what’s the best method of painting for you. And that goes for everything – paints, methods, techniques, and ideas. Oh, one more thing – think before you paint!

Do you have any hobby painting goals for this year?

This year, I think I would like to get better with the airbrush and try maybe some more painterly techniques or crazy color combinations. Since miniatures already have everything sculpted, it really gives a lot of space to experiment. You don’t have to be worried about the proportions or whether it looks accurate, unlike in drawing.

Do you have any other creative projects you're working on or would like to start?

Since I am studying graphic design right now, I have a lot of artsy projects I get to work on, but for some time now, I have been thinking about turning some of the figurines into my original characters by adding some sculpting and painting them. I enjoy a bit of D&D now and then, and having my own minis for campaigns would be absolutely killer!

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