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Board Game – Massive Darkness

Massive Darkness: A Call to Adventure

Have you ever dreamt of wielding a mighty sword or channeling arcane magic? In the realm of Massive Darkness, those dreams become reality. A looming darkness threatens to engulf the world, and brave heroes like you are humanity’s last hope.

Massive Darkness is a cooperative dungeon-crawling board game that will take you and your friends on a thrilling adventure into the heart of a monster-infested world. Published by CMON, known for their high-quality miniatures, Massive Darkness boasts a streamlined system that keeps the focus on the heroes’ actions.

Forge Your Legend!




Unleash Your Inner Hero: Step into the shoes of a valiant knight, a cunning rogue, or a powerful spellcaster. Each hero brings unique skills and abilities to the fight.


Embrace the Shadows: Darkness is your ally. Utilize the shadows strategically to flank enemies, unleash devastating attacks, and remain unseen by lurking foes.




Conquer Monstrous Foes: From snarling goblins to hulking demons, a bestiary of nightmares awaits. Each encounter demands tactical prowess and teamwork to overcome.

Spoils of Victory: As you vanquish foes and explore the dungeons, you’ll collect powerful equipment and unlock devastating skills, making your heroes even more formidable.

A Fellowship of Heroes: Massive Darkness is best experienced with a group of friends. Together, devise strategies, coordinate attacks, and forge an unforgettable legend.

Key Features



Cooperative Gameplay: Work together with your fellow players to defeat the enemies and complete your objectives. Teamwork and strategy are crucial for success.

Fast-Paced Action: The game is divided into rounds with clear phases for movement, combat, and experience gain. This keeps the action moving and exciting.



High-Quality Miniatures: One of the game’s hallmarks is the stunning quality of the miniatures. These detailed figures bring the heroes and monsters to life on the tabletop.

Easy to Learn, Challenging to Master: The core mechanics are straightforward, making it easy to jump in and play. However, mastering the game’s tactical elements and character customization will provide a long-lasting challenge.

Is Massive Darkness Right for You?




If you’re looking for a cooperative dungeon-crawler with exciting combat, tactical depth, and beautiful miniatures, then Massive Darkness is a great choice. It’s perfect for fans of games like Zombicide or those who enjoy classic dungeon-crawling experiences. 

However, be aware that the game can be challenging, and setup time can be lengthy due to the number of components.

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Check the official Kickstarter campaign for additional information.

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