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Age of Sigmar – Hedonites of Slaanesh Army

Raise buildings and sing songs in My Glory. In My name, pursue your arts and enshrine all beauty. Let all people follow their every desire, sate their every hunger, and deny themselves no adventure. For it is in these things, and in others, that you will find the greatest pleasure, and it is through these things, and through each other, that you shall rise yourselves higher, even unto the steps of My throne. You will take pleasure in all that is, though your bodies will break and your souls will be forfeit. For I am Slaanesh, most jealous of gods, and most demanding of lovers, and My thirst for you shall never be sated…

Welcome, Chaos Prayers, hear carefully, and come with me, so I can fulfill your deepest desire!

And here they are, my bridegrooms, my very own Hedonites. One of my daemons, Be’Lakor, will lead them to fight and two of my favored champions will help him. Prince Sigvald the Magnificent, my sweet narcist, is also a master swordsman, while Glutos is one of my best wizards. My army contains tons of humans led by their desires, such as Blissbarb Archers, Slickblade Seekers and Chaos Warriors. Go my children, purge this Mortal Realms from all these restraints..

Did you hear that? That had to be Slaanesh, Lord of Excess! He disappeared (maybe he went to tempt some mortals) so we want to show you some photos of his Hedonites taken secretly from our hideout 😉

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