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AoS – Chaos Daemons

Chaos Gods are powerful entities fueled by emotions, inhabiting the Realm of Chaos

40k – Chaos Knights Blue

Learn about the Chaos Knights, once loyal Imperial Knights turned to the dark service of Chaos.

40k – Emperor’s Children Army

Emperor’s Children – favorite Space Marine Legion of Chaos God Slaanesh The Emperor’s Children Legion were initially created to be the most aesthetically and martially perfect of all the Space Marine Legions. They were led by their Primarch Fulgrim, who was discovered on the planet of Chemos. Fulgrim was known for his love of beauty 40k – Emperor’s Children Army

40k – Chaos War Dogs

“The Imperium is a weak old man, ready and waiting to be broken apart by his vengeful sons.“ Hello there! Here we go with some War Dogs for Chaos Knights from Warhammer 40k.  If you want to read some lore about Chaos Knights themselves check our other post about them. In game Chaos Knights can 40k – Chaos War Dogs

AoS – Slaanesh Endless Spells

“Through the souls of your brothers and sisters I take My place amongst the Three; through their pleasure I ascend my throne. Pleasure, for Pleasure’s sake!“ Hello there! We want to show you the Slaanesh Endless Spells and Infernal Enrapturess. Slaanesh is one of Chaos Gods also known as the “Lord of Excess” and “Prince AoS – Slaanesh Endless Spells

40k – Be’Lakor Green

“Be’lakor was the very first mortal raised to the exalted rank of Daemon Prince, though what sacrifices he made and what horrors he inflicted to do so are lost even to the oldest tales. However it was Be’lakor that drew the Chaos Gods’ gaze — he somehow managed to intrigue all four of the dark 40k – Be’Lakor Green

Age of Sigmar – Hedonites of Slaanesh Army

“Raise buildings and sing songs in My Glory. In My name, pursue your arts and enshrine all beauty. Let all people follow their every desire, sate their every hunger, and deny themselves no adventure. For it is in these things, and in others, that you will find the greatest pleasure, and it is through these Age of Sigmar – Hedonites of Slaanesh Army

AoS – Projects Mix / October 2021

Hello Wargamers! Our Artists painted some nice Age of Sigmar / Warhammer projects and it’s time to mix and publish them in our October 21 update. That’s a lot of interesting sculpts! Let’s start with Scions of Flame warband for Warcry – I am really curious of how they will look as a Necromunda gang… AoS – Projects Mix / October 2021

40k – Massive Chaos Space Marines Army!

Hello Wargamers! Very special post today – truly massive Chaos Space Marines army painted by our Artists some time ago 🙂 As you may see, we made almost all available units and heroes for this faction and it was a GREAT challenge for all painters and assembling team. Below you may find some additional photos. 40k – Massive Chaos Space Marines Army!

40k – Magnus / Kairos / Decimators

Hello Wargamers! It looks like we have a “daemonic week” on our blog 🙂 Today I’d like to show you Kairos/Lord of Change and Magnus painted in unusual, purple/pink colour scheme. As a small bonus – group of Decimator Daemon Engines. Soon you can expect much more photos with models from this army so stay 40k – Magnus / Kairos / Decimators