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MCP – Black Swan, Supergiant & mutants

Mankind has always feared what it doesn’t understand.”

Hello Wargamers!

Today we’re gonna talk about some Marvel Crisis Protocol models. Above you can see a Black Swan and Supergiant, the two members of Thanos’  Black Order. Both of them came from one set and are one of the newest releases for MCP. I read on the hobby groups that they’re balanced and quite strong too.

And now you can see two mutants from the Marvel Universe. Gambit – a member of X-Men – that can charge inanimate objects and cause them to explode. The other character is Domino. We can associate her with the Deadpool 2 film, where she was played by Zazie Beetz. Her superpower was uncanny luck; she was also very good in shooting and hand-to-hand combat. She was describing her superpower this way: “I’ve been asked countless times how my powers work. And the best way I can try to explain it is that life is just charted by impacts and trajectories. A new impact leads to a new trajectory and then another and another. And I, well, I just dance between the impacts.”

Last but not least, Rogue and Magik, another two mutants. Rogue previously was an antagonist and adopted daughter of Mystique and Destiny, but after absorbing powers and memories from Carol Denvers (a.k.a. Captain Marvel), she turned to “the light side” and became a student of School for Talented Youngsters and a member of X-Men. Magik is also a mutant, younger sister of Colossus and a demon lord of Limbo. She became a part of the New Mutants squad. She had a superpower of teleporting across space and time; she was also the Sorcerer Supreme of her dimension. 

All models in this article were painted by our talented Artists.

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