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40k – Banelord, Khorne’s Warlord Titan

Hello Wargamers!

There are certain, iconic holy grails in different fields. For actors it would be the Oscars, sportsman dream about winning the Olympics, but have you ever been thinking, would could it be, for commission painting studio? There is only one thing that comes to my mind – Warlord Titan!

Warlord titan is probably the most magnificent and undoubtedly the biggest model manufactured by GW’s premium branch – Forge World. Miniature is not the best term to use for this one, as it’s over 2 ft./ 60 cm tall! Can you imagine a model, that is 1/3 size of a grown man?! It looks almost unnatural, I could barely believe was real! Best part? You can use it in actual (3000+ points per side) games!

Now, when we fully understand the phenomenon of Warlord Titan, let’s get into some project details! It’s happened that the project was commissioned to us by our good friend – Michał. If you’ve been viewing photos from Apocalypse Battle Report carefully, you might have had already spotted the Titan.

We usually take all the credits for both assembling and painting part, but not this time! Models was fully built and designed by Michal! The idea behind, was to create Banelord – Khorne’s version of Warlord Titan. Project was very challenging from the very first steps. Michał had to deal with regular construction problems, such like finding perfect center of gravity, to make it stable, but on a much bigger scale. Gluing process wasn’t as stressful as you might imagine, since it didn’t require perfect precision. Any mistakes were only adding Chaos vibes to the project! As you can see, the model is heavily converted. Michał started with removing imperial signs and slowly begun adding chaos symbols. The model is covered with literally thousands of skulls (for skull throne!), feet of chain and tons of Chaos Space Marines and Daemons bits! Top ornaments were made using 2 Altars of Khorne. Weapons are pinned, so it’s possible to use Titan in all possible wargear configurations!

Painting scheme was inspired by other FW model – Greater Brass Scorpion. It was crucial, to recreate that shiny, red armor with golden edges, as it defines the overall look of the Warlord Titan. Amount of details, you’ll be able to find there is just insane and indescribable, so I want be even trying to do it. The Titan is standing on a wasteland base, along with fleshounds and Skitari. Thank you for getting so far, underneath you will find tons of pictures of this magnificent miniature.

I’d also like to thank Michal, for letting us participate in this project, it was an honor!

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