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40k – Aeldari Mymeara Army Reinforcements

Mymearan Eldar: The Aerial Masters of the Eldar Race if you want a commission, feel free to contact us!! The Mymearan Eldar are a craftworld of the Eldar race, known for their exceptional skills in aerial combat and their use of powerful psychic abilities. They are considered to be some of the most skilled pilots 40k – Aeldari Mymeara Army Reinforcements

Fallout Wasteland Warfare – Enclave

Hello Wargamers! Short update with small pack of Fallout Wasteland Warfare miniatures painted by our Artists. It is Enclave faction – “last vestiges of the pre-war system of government in the United States of America”. Enjoy gallery below and remember that if you want to create your own collection of painted models – send us Fallout Wasteland Warfare – Enclave

40k – Legion of the Damned Titan

Hello Wargamers! Another Warhound Titan is joining our portfolio! I am very proud to present you results of our work over that astonishing miniature! Our Client requested it to paint it in Legion of the Damned theme. We were pretty excited about this project, as we’ve never seen a Titan at that particular color scheme! 40k – Legion of the Damned Titan

Board Games – Horizon Zero Dawn

Howdy Wargamers! Today’s entry is dedicated to Horizon Zero Dawn –  a semi co-operative, 1-4 players tactical board game taking action in Horizon Zero Dawn universe. During the game, players will be choosing a tribe and class for their hunter and embark on an adventure through the wilds. Main features of Horizon Zero Dawn are Board Games – Horizon Zero Dawn

40k – Banelord, Khorne’s Warlord Titan

Hello Wargamers! There are certain, iconic holy grails in different fields. For actors it would be the Oscars, sportsman dream about winning the Olympics, but have you ever been thinking, would could it be, for commission painting studio? There is only one thing that comes to my mind – Warlord Titan! Warlord titan is probably 40k – Banelord, Khorne’s Warlord Titan

Articles – Chaos vs. Imperium – Apocalypse Battle Report

  On 3rd Jan 2020, our studio had pleasure to host a massive Apocalypse game – Chaos vs Imperium. Our local players used 2 full-size tables, the game arena was huge! (96” x 72” / 180 x 240 cm). Narrative line: Kharn the Betrayer gathered a few Infernal God Machines, along with his own World Articles – Chaos vs. Imperium – Apocalypse Battle Report

40k – Chaos Reaver Titan

  Just like we promised, bigger Warhound Titan’s brother is here! Chaos Reaver Titan is superbly-well sculpted model, we put a lot of time and love into this model but I am pretty sure every minute was absolutely worth it! Just like his brother this Chaos warmachine stands on custom, laser-cut HDF base. We didn’t 40k – Chaos Reaver Titan

40k – Chaos Warhound Titan II

Second Warhound Titan painted in our workshop! I am extremally happy to show you this purple, colossal Chaos warmachine. This custom base is a laser-cut HDF with some spare parts from our bitsbox. Both weapons are magnetized. It was a great painting challenge and I can tell you right now that really soon we will 40k – Chaos Warhound Titan II

40k – Tyranid Hierophant Biotitan

Hello Wargamers! Today I would like to show you really unique project made by our artists. It is converted Tyranid Biotitan, created for one of our customers. The main conversion is the big, bio-sack under the body, full of slim, bile and Termagaunts. It was really challenging project and I am so happy to be 40k – Tyranid Hierophant Biotitan