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chaos space marines

40k – Chaos Berzerkers

Unleashing the Fury: The Berzerkers of Chaos Chaos Space Marines are corrupted factions of the once noble Space Marines, who have turned to worship the Chaos gods and engage in acts of wanton destruction and chaos. One of the most feared units within the Chaos Space Marine army are the Berzerkers. Berzerkers are Chaos Space 40k – Chaos Berzerkers

40k – Death Guard

“In the embrace of great Nurgle, I am no longer afraid, for with His pestilential favour I have become that which I once feared: Death.“ Hello there! Today we want to show you some miniatures from Warhammer 40 000. Meet Death Guards, one of the Traitor Legions of Chaos Space Marines They devote themselves exclusively 40k – Death Guard

40k – Forgefiends

“Daemonic fury, bound into the shells of metal beasts and set loose upon the galaxy. Tell me, mortal: have you ever seen such a glorious sight?“ Hello there! We want to show you Forgefiends for Warhammer 40k painted a while ago. Theyโ€™re Daemon Engines used by Chaos Space Marines and forces of Dark Mechanicum; built 40k – Forgefiends

40k – Khorne World Eaters

“Make war upon the Imperium of Man? What is it you think the Legions have been doing for the last ten thousand years? War does not end with a single victory or a single planet. It is an eternal creature that outlives men and their tiny triumphs.“ Hello Community! ๐Ÿ˜€ Today we want to show 40k – Khorne World Eaters

40k – Black Legion – Mix of units

  Hello Wargamers!   Our painting team has a good drive and Iโ€™d like to share with you another, solid pack of models for Chaos Space Marines / Black Legion.  We managed to put together some really interesting figures. My favourite is of course the Lord Discordant – he has so many details! Below you 40k – Black Legion – Mix of units

40k – Chaos Space Marines – Small Black Legion Forces!

Hey Wargamers! Kill Team Nachmund release is coming (pre-order this Saturday!) so I decided to share this small Black Legion Forces with you. Master of Executions with his unit of 10 Marines is ready to kill, maim and burn all loyalists! As a support we converted and painted Armiger as well as two Possesed Marines. 40k – Chaos Space Marines – Small Black Legion Forces!

40k – CSM Black Legion Forces

Hello Wargamers! Finally some classic 40k on our website ๐Ÿ˜€ Today I’d like to show you small forces of Black Legion painted by our artists some time ago. List of models below:   Chaos Lord 5 x Terminator 10 x Chaos Space Marine 5 x Havocs 1 x Forgefiend / Maulerfiend Full gallery below ๐Ÿ™‚ 40k – CSM Black Legion Forces

40k – Legion of the Damned Titan

Hello Wargamers! Another Warhound Titan is joining our portfolio! I am very proud to present you results of our work over that astonishing miniature! Our Client requested it to paint it in Legion of the Damned theme. We were pretty excited about this project, as we’ve never seen a Titan at that particular color scheme! 40k – Legion of the Damned Titan

40k – Banelord, Khorne’s Warlord Titan

Hello Wargamers! There are certain, iconic holy grails in different fields. For actors it would be the Oscars, sportsman dream about winning the Olympics, but have you ever been thinking, would could it be, for commission painting studio? There is only one thing that comes to my mind – Warlord Titan! Warlord titan is probably 40k – Banelord, Khorne’s Warlord Titan

40k – Chaos Forces

Hello Wargamers, how are you doing today? In this short entry, I’d like to introduce you to bunch of Chaos heroes, we’ve been working on lately. I am extremely satisfied with results we were able to achieve on those miniatures. Really feel, they were given all the love (or hate?) they deserve! Project was painted 40k – Chaos Forces