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Shatterpoint – You Cannot Run Duel Pack Overview

Darth Vader vs Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: Shatterpoint You Cannot Run Duel Pack

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This is the series in which we explain how certain units from Star Wars: Shatterpoint work! Today we will go with the ferocious Sith Lord Darth Vader and his former Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, which are included in the You Cannot Run Duel Pack.

Darth Vader, Jedi Hunter

Unit Card

Darth Vader, definitely the most recognizable character in the whole Star Wars Universe, is a part of Star Wars: Shatterpoint. He’s filling a role of carry Primary Unit.

His whole skillset is builded around a highly aggressive playstyle. Vader’s Fury not only gives him an additional advance move similar to Force Speed. In addition it also adds 2 damage to the Damage Pool of the next attack made by Vader. Your Hatred Makes You Powerful is another powerful ability that globally buffs your entire Strike Team. When one of your characters makes a melee attack during a combat action (so it won’t work with any given additional attacks), it may suffer 2 damage to expand its attack dice pool by 3. It’s a good pairing with Grand Inquisitor Clearly, You Were a Poor Student, as your Inquisitorius may immediately Heal [2] after wounding an enemy unit.

Another two abilities are making attacking him a hard choice. Riposte deals 2 damage to the opponent’ unit everytime he decides to attack Vader in melee range and roll at least one blank. The Sith Lord Strikes Back penalizes your opponent after he wounds Vader. After that, Vader can Dash, then make a 5 dice melee attack. However, as I said before, you cannot buff this attack with Your Hatred Makes You Powerful

It’s worth noting that this Vader has many synergies due to his keywords (especially Galactic Empire, Galactic Republic and Inquisitorius).

You cannot run from his wrath!

Stance Card

Dark Rage is his melee stance with slightly worse defense dice. 2-10 (4-12 after Vader’s Fury) damage is supplemented by a few pushes, strain condition and a dash. In this Stance Vader has a high probability of one-shotting an opponent unit, especially as he can deal 7-8 damage at average 3 hits (but statistics for Vader are kinda higher due to rolling 10 dice nearly all the time).

Form V Djem So has a better defense dice and expertise chart, not losing his aggressive potential that much at the same time. 2-10 (also 4-12 after Vader’s Fury) damage is supplemented by exposed/pinned condition, pushes and even a climb. Additionally Vader has an option for ranged attack with a decent dice pool in this Stance.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Out of Hiding

Unit Card

Obi-Wan comes out of hiding on Tatooine and strikes Star Wars: Shatterpoint, straight from his Kenobi series on Disney+.

His tactic ability, Run, allows him or another allied character that is engaged to either perform a full advance (even when engaged) or Heal [1]. This is a great defensive/utility tool that can save you quite often. Another ability of that type is Mind Trick. With this ability you can annul any attack that targets Obi-Wan or any other allied character within range 3 of Obi-Wan. However, the opponent can make another attack after you use this ability. If he want to, he must target another unit and has reduced attack dice.

His other two abilities refer to his determination and personality. Greater Purpose makes him totally immune to exposed condition. In addition every time he would gain that token, he would immediately Heal [1] instead. Last Stand of the Jedi gives him more dice in both attack and defense for each injured token Kenobi has.

Stance Card

Form III Soresu – Obi-Wan favorite one lore-wise – is a quite balanced and versatile one. 1-7 damage is supplemented by pushes, different time of moves and Heal [1-4}. It’s worth noting that Kenobi has a decent Expertise Chart on defense, that cannot be “turned off” by exposed condition due to his immunity.

In summary this box is a perfect choice if you want to buff your Inquisition-centered Strike Team or have a versatile utility support for your squad.

If you want to start your adventure with Star Wars Shatterpoint, check our Shatterpoint Guide!

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