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Shatterpoint – Jedi Hunters Squad Overview

Galactic Empire Inquisition in Star Wars Shatterpoint

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This is the series in which we explain how certain units from Star Wars: Shatterpoint work!

Today we will go with the mighty Galactic Empire Inquisition which is included in the Jedi Hunters Squad Pack.

Grand Inquisitor, Fallen Jedi

Unit Card

Grand Inquisitor, as expected, is the perfect leader for the Inquisition Strike Team. Both of his Inquisitorious-referring abilities are decent tools, one for aggression and another for repositioning.

You Know Who We Are is a repositioning ability that allows Grand Inq and another Inquisitorius Character to perform a dash. This is a key ability to close the distance for this squad, as most of your units are melee-only. 

On the other hand Clearly, You Were a Poor Student is a supporting ability that heals your Inquisitors after they wound their attack target. It’s helping them last longer on the battlefield. In addition, if the wounded character was a Force User (most of the time there will be at least one in opposite Strike Team), you are allowed to restore 2 Force Points. This allows you to be more confident with using your abilities.

Another 2 abilities are rather situational, but they’re not bad at all. Secrets Uncovered gives you an opportunity to remove one of your opponent control tokens. This may be crucial during the battle for points at the end of each struggle. 

The other ability is The Temple Records Are Quite Complete. It allows you to flip your Stance Card while melee-attacked by the enemy Force User. Using this ability requires great analytic skills and game knowledge. When used recklessly may just be a waste of a crucial Force Point(s).

9 Stamina compared with 3 Durability allows you to take at least 27 damage before being out of the battle. When you look at his Defense Expertise Chart down below, you can see that he’s also a good defender and wounding him may be a pretty hard task.

Stance Card

Form II Makashi is his more aggressive stance. It allows you to deal 2-10 damage, spiking at the 4 hits. Very strong melee expertise chart are counterbalanced by a kinda low amount of defense dice and when attacked by an enemy. It is worth considering using his flip-the-stance trick. Beside damage, you’re able to debuff your opponent with conditions such as Pinned, Strained and/or Exposed.

Form V Djem So is his more defensive/utility stance. Small amounts of attack dice and worse attack expertise charts were exchanged for additional defense dice, better Crit protection and more utility options such as repositions, disarming your opponent and even activating his Secrets Uncovered ability for free. 1-7 damage pool is pretty small either way.

Third Sister

Unit Card

Third Sister, temporary Grand Inquisitor during Kenobi series, is a part of this set too. As a second-in-command she also has an ability that can directly affect your Inquisitors.

Call the Hunt is an ability that allows you to force a dash or 5 dice attack from Inquisitorios supporting unit. As I mentioned before, the repositioning abilities are important in melee-oriented Strike Teams. Due to that, Reva is a perfect supplement to the Grand Inqi tool kit. 

Her hasty temper is perfectly imaged by her last ability, Your Fear Betrays You, which allows you to roll more attack dice at the cost of removing conditions from the attack target. 

Her tool kit is supplemented by classic abilities such as Deflect and Force Jump which you can find on many other Force Users in the game.

Stance Card

Form II Makashi is even a greater image of her reckless nature. Low defense is balanced with high attack power and not-that-bad expertise charts. 1-8 damage are widened by up to 4 Pushes, Exposed condition (which can be a part of setup for bigger attack in subsequent activation of your GI) and an opportunity to make a free Jump when 5 hits are scored.

Fifth Brother

Unit Card

Fifth Brother is another significant Inquisitor in their ranks. More tanky, especially in case of melee defense. He is a phenomenal Objective Control tool due to his set of abilities. 

Resolve will neutralize the First Push as well as 1 damage on you during each attack against him.

Enfeeble: Exposed opens up your other Inquisitors attack, making your opponent more vulnerable for all these Spinning Lightsaber cuts. 

His ace in the hole ability, which can change the tides of struggle is Force Repulse which is nothing more than massive Force Push, allowing you to get rid of your opponent miniatures that are surrounding the crucial objective. 

Inquisitorial Mandate is an exclusive ability available only for him and Fourth Sister, that wins you ties on objectives, which is a counterbalance to them being only two Supporting units in game that consist only 1 miniature.

Stance Card

Form II Makashi, despite a big amount of attack dice, is made for utility purposes due to 1-8 damage, Exposed and Strained conditions as well as up to 2 pushes and even Force Repulse or Force Jump activation for free.

Fourth Sister

Unit Card

Last Inquisitor in the box is Fourth Sister. 

In my opinion she is slightly weaker than her comrades, but she is still a great bullying and control tool due to repositioning and move disable abilities such as Enfeeble: Pinned and Force Pull.

Stance Card

Form II Makashi in hers implementation provides you with 1-8 damage and more bullying/control tools such as Pushed, Disarmed and Pinned conditions and even Force Pull or Force Jump free activation.

In summary, this Squad has great mobility and many intriguing mechanics. If you like a more aggressive control playstyle then this will fit you the best. Please note that in a single squad you’ll be forced to choose between Fourth Sister and Fifth Brother, but hey, there’s still a way to play all four in one Strike Team!


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