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darth vader

Shatterpoint – Fear and Dead Men Squad Overview

Meet fearless Sith Lord and his Stormtroopers!

Shatterpoint – You Cannot Run Duel Pack Overview

Do you want to read some in-depth overview of Star Wars: Shatterpoint Old Obi-Wan and Darth Vader?

Shatterpoint – Ministravaganza 2023 Reveals

Did you miss the AMG stream about upcoming products for SW: Shatterpoint? Check what we will get in the near future!

X-Wing – Mix of Projects

Hello there! Today we want to show you some repainted ships for Star Wars: X-Wing. Yeah, we do it too and on the picture you can see repaint of LAAT/i Gunship, TIE/d Defender and TIE Advanced x1 If you want a commission, feel free to contact us

Order66 – Kickstarter Campaing launch!

“Join me into the Dark Side!” Hello Community! Today we want to present you a Kickstarter project from one of our Partners – Order 66. They came up with a project of Warhammer 40k models inspired by the Star Wars universe. Here you can find models inspired by the Stormtroopers, Deathtroopers, AT-ST, Scout Troopers and Order66 – Kickstarter Campaing launch!

Star Wars: Legion – Galactic Empire Army

Hello Wargamers! In this entry, I’d like to introduce you to Galactic Empire Army painted for one of our Clients. On the pictures, you’ll find some iconic units such as Darth Vader, Palpatine, Boba Fett, Dewback Riders, Shoretroopers, AT-ST, TX-225 . All models are painted accordingly to boxart, placed on Endor Forest bases. Really happy Star Wars: Legion – Galactic Empire Army

Star Wars: Legion – Heroes, Order66miniatures

Hello Wargamers! Hope you are safe and doing great! In today’s short entry we would like to share with you, bunch of Order66 miniatures we had pleasure to work with! Star Wars: Legion market is dominated by Fantasy Flight Games, but as you may, or may not know, there are some other options. Order66miniatures is Star Wars: Legion – Heroes, Order66miniatures

Star Wars: Legion – Darth Vader

Luke, I am your father! In today’s entery we will be showing you one of most iconic characters on the planet – Darth Vader! The miniature comes from Fantasy’s Flight Games skirmish game – Star Wars: Legion. Painted to match the movie-standard, really like the little features on him such like OSL. Stay tuned 🙂 Star Wars: Legion – Darth Vader

Board Games – Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Any board games fans out there? 🙂 You know how much we love Star Wars, so we were very excited when we got Star Wars: Imperial Assault on our hands! Imperial Assault is strategy board game, taking action in the heart of Galactic Civil War between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire! In the Board Games – Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Star Wars: Legion – Classic Core Set

OMG, we so love Star Wars Legion. Mostly for the story that is really diverse. Every minute is worth to explore the world of blasters, spaceships and unique monsters that can really frighten you. Would you lead your troops to victory? Yoda’s would say: Do, or do not. There is no try. Miniatures from Fantasy Star Wars: Legion – Classic Core Set