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40k – Ka’Bandha

Ka'Bandha: The Bloodthirster and Slayer of Angels

The Warhammer 40,000 universe is a grim and war-torn future. In this setting, Ka’Bandha stands out as a truly terrifying entity. A Greater Daemon of Khorne, the Blood God, Ka’Bandha is a relentless foe who has clashed with some of the Imperium’s greatest heroes.

A Nemesis Forged in Heresy

Ka’Bandha’s infamy is tied to the Blood Angels Chapter and their Primarch, Sanguinius. Their first encounter occurred during the Horus Heresy, a galaxy-spanning civil war. Here, Ka’Bandha revealed Horus’ treachery to Sanguinius, sparking a brutal duel. Though wounded, Ka’Bandha escaped, leaving a lasting scar – both physical and emotional – on the Angel.

Twice Defeated, Yet Unbroken

Millennia later, during the Siege of Terra, their paths crossed again. This time, Sanguinius managed to overpower the Bloodthirster, but at a great cost. Though Ka’Bandha was banished, the sacrifice ultimately proved in vain, as the Emperor Himself was forced to confront Horus.

An Unlikely Savior?

Surprisingly, Ka’Bandha returned in the 41st Millennium, not to torment the Blood Angels, but to eliminate a greater threat – the Tyranid Hive Fleet Leviathan. This monstrous alien force threatened to devour Baal, the Blood Angels’ homeworld. In a cruel twist of fate, Ka’Bandha’s intervention saved the Blood Angels from annihilation, ensuring their destruction would be by his hand alone.

A Brutal End and Lingering Mystery

The final battle between Ka’Bandha and the Blood Angels’ champion, the Sanguinor, was a legendary clash. Though both were grievously wounded, the Sanguinor managed to hurl Ka’Bandha from the sky, destroying the Bloodthirster’s physical form.

The fate of Hive Fleet Leviathan remains a mystery. While the Tyranids were driven back, their disappearance coincided with the opening of the Great Rift, a massive warp anomaly. It’s unknown if our Bloodthirster played a role in their demise, or if they simply fell victim to the chaotic energies unleashed by the Rift.

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