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Batman – Royal Flush Gang

The Royal Flush Gang: A House Divided in DC Comics

The DC Universe has its fair share of wacky villains, but the Royal Flush Gang stands out for their unique theme and surprising ruthlessness. This group of criminals isn’t above a good poker analogy, as their members take on the codenames of a Royal Flush in a deck of cards: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten (all of Clubs, traditionally). But don’t let the playful names fool you – these are serious supervillains who’ve tangled with the Justice League on numerous occasions.

From Petty Theft to Major Threat

The Royal Flush Gang’s origins trace back to Amos Fortune, a criminal mastermind who envisioned a team specializing in high-tech thievery. Clad in costumes reflecting their card suits, they utilized stolen “stellaration” technology to pull off daring heists. While their initial targets were valuables and advanced tech, they also offered their skills as hired muscle. This early version of the Gang clashed with the Justice League of America several times, never achieving a decisive victory.

More Aces, Higher Stakes

A power shift occurred with the rise of Hector Hammond, a villain with psychic abilities. He assembled a new Royal Flush Gang, even incorporating an android Ace into their ranks. This iteration of the Gang proved to be a much bigger challenge for the Justice League, nearly bringing about their defeat. Following the destruction of their android Ace, Amos Fortune himself took control, ruthlessly eliminating all former members except the Jack of Clubs.

The Deck Gets Stacked

In recent years, the Royal Flush Gang has undergone a significant expansion. Amos Fortune, ever the strategist, recognized the limitations of a single suit. He extended the Gang’s reach by incorporating the suits of Hearts and Diamonds, transforming them into a major criminal organization rivaling even Intergang, a notorious alien syndicate. The core leadership structure remains – the face cards (Ace, King, Queen, Jack) hold the most power, with the role of Ace often filled by a formidable fighter, human or android. The Ten acts as a lieutenant, managing a growing number of lower-ranked members known as “pips.” These expendable henchmen can even gain or lose “pips” based on their performance, fostering fierce competition within the Gang.

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