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Necromunda – Palanite Enforcers and Terrains

Unveiling Necromunda's Vigilant Palanite Enforcers

Palanite Enforcers stand as the formidable local lawkeepers of Necromunda, representing a militarized force more akin to an army than traditional police units. Tasked with upholding Lord Helmawr’s rule, they rigorously maintain control by swiftly and forcefully addressing any form of dissent or criminal activity within settlements and habzones. When faced with significant disturbances, the Subjugators and Enforcers unite, delivering justice with unyielding determination.

Palanite Enforcers

Upholding Imperial Rule with Resolve

The Palanite Enforcers adopt a strict military structure, distinct from the loose affiliations prevalent among gangs. Functioning akin to the Adeptus Arbites, they prioritize absolute loyalty to Lord Helmawr, maintaining an organization free from reproach. The upper echelons of the Enforcers—Provost Marshals and Proctors—oversee operations, with patrols centered around Precinct-Fortresses led by Captains.

House Orlock

Elite Selection and Ruthless Training

Recruited from the hive populace, Enforcers exhibit exceptional willpower and initiative, often stemming from rebellious origins. Subjected to intense training that strips away their former identities, they emerge solely dedicated to securing Helmawr’s regime. Survivors, few in number, adopt new identities and establish fresh bonds with their squad mates, stationed far from their previous lives.


Arsenal and Equipment Superiority

Equipped with an array of advanced weaponry surpassing that of typical gang counterparts, Palanite Squads wield an arsenal encompassing Enforcer Bolters, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and more. Adorned in protective Flak Armour, they also possess vehicles like the Tauros Venator ATV, crewed by the specialized Palanite Rangers.

Orlock Gang

Badzone Enforcers: Guardians in Lawless Territories

Palanite Badzone Enforcers, stationed within Precinct-Fortresses in Necromunda’s lawless Badzones, serve as solitary bastions of order. Left isolated without regular supplies or reinforcements, their Captains adapt, often relaxing conventional Enforcer protocols to ensure survival. These precincts recruit Hive Scum and trade for supplies, with acquired equipment primarily entrusted to the Captains and Badzone Sergeants.

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