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40k – Dark Angels (New Assault Marines)

The Legacy of Lion El'Jonson, Primarch of the Dark Angels Legion

The Hexagrammaton stands as a testament to the Primarch Lion El’Jonson’s strategic acumen and the ancient knightly traditions of Caliban that he imbibed into the Ist Legion of Space Marines, Dark Angels. Rooted in loyalty, discipline, and self-sufficiency, these principles permeated every facet of the Legion’s operations.

Initially composed of Terran warriors blessed with the Lion’s gene-seed, the Dark Angels embodied dedication and seriousness akin to their primogenitor. Their measured demeanor concealed a tenacious spirit, unyielding once provoked into action.

The Genesis and Purpose

Under Lion’s guidance, the Ist Legion underwent a transformative restructuring, birthing the Hexagrammaton or the “Six Wings.” These specialized formations, distinct from the Legion’s regular hierarchy, amalgamated Terran traditions with Caliban’s knightly orders.

Structural Composition

Employing the Principia Bellicosa’s organizational principles, the Legion structured itself into chapters, orders, companies, and squads, each led by esteemed figures, fostering a robust chain of command.

Assault Marines

The Wings of Power: Understanding Each Protocol

Deathwing Protocol: Unyielding Guardians

Originating as Veteran Cataphractii Terminators, the Deathwing epitomized unyielding dedication, pledged to fulfill their duties regardless of impediments. Exclusive wearers of Terminator Armor, they epitomize stubborn resilience on the battlefield.

Ravenwing Protocol: Swift Strikers

With anti-gravitic units and all-terrain bikes, the Ravenwing honed rapid strike warfare. Revived from ancient tactics, these formations offered swift and decisive movements, evolving from Caliban’s nomadic war clans.

Dreadwing Protocol: Agents of Total Annihilation

Commanded by a Dreadbringer, the Dreadwing specialized in wielding sinister weaponry, employing Destroyer Squads and advanced armoured assaults to ensure the foe’s complete annihilation.

Primaris Chaplain, Apothecary and Captain with Jump Pack

Firewing Protocol: Masters of Subtle Warfare

Dedicated to nuanced warfare, the Firewing housed expert duellists and assassins, focusing on debilitating enemy command structures through finesse rather than brute force.

Ironwing Protocol: Unleashing Brute Force

Focused on sheer power, the Ironwing fused superhuman might with bespoke armored units, amplifying killing strength through Land Raiders, Dreadnoughts, and tactical advancements.

Stormwing Protocol: Disciplined Battalions

Comprising the Legion’s line infantry and ordnance batteries, the Stormwing excelled in close order warfare, demonstrating unwavering resilience on defense and offense alike.


The Hexagrammaton epitomizes the Dark Angels’ martial prowess, a testament to Lion El’Jonson’s strategic vision and the Legion’s enduring legacy. Though some wings have faded into history, the echoes of their valor resonate within the annals of the Legion’s enigmatic past, guiding its present endeavors.

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