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MCP – Remastered Core Set

Marvel Crisis Protocol Earth Mightiest Heroes - Remastered Core Set 2023

A New, Remastered Core Set for Marvel Crisis Protocol is a thing now! Premiered a while ago, it provides us with new sculpts, cards and a much better choice of terrains than the original one!

Red Skull, Doctor Octopus & Iron Man

New Sculptures

Earth Mightiest Heroes Core Set provides us with brand new and more dynamic poses for our favorite heroes and villains. Additionally Carol Denvers (Captain Marvel) has two different sculptures now, representing her different forms she gains access to due to her new ability! For the villains, Ultron now has his grunts alongside him!

Ultron & Grunts
Captain Marvel

New Cards

The Remastered Core Set also gives us new cards for our characters, making them more relevant to current state of game and power creep level. New powerful abilities let them compete alongside other recently released characters! Additionally, in reforged MCP Core Set you can get brand new scenarios (6 Crisis Cards) and 20 Team Tactic cards that fine-tune their teams’ abilities.

Black Widow & Spider-man
Winter Soldier & Captain America

Overall view of Remastered Core Set

Overall, the new core set provides you with a variety of terrains, 13 miniatures and all things you need to start playing Marvel Crisis Protocol (dice, measurement tools, tokens, cards etc). It’s a great starting point for new players. Over 300$ of value are packed into this 150$ box!

Want to start playing MCP* or buy miniatures for collection purposes? Contact us and we will paint them for you!

* Remember that painted miniatures rolls die better 😆

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Baron Zemo & Crossbones

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