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Shatterpoint – Fistful of Credits Squad Overview

Cad Bane, Aurra Sing and Bounty Hunters in Star Wars: Shatterpoint

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This is the series in which we explain how certain units from Star Wars: Shatterpoint work!

Today we will go with the compassionate Jedi Master Luminara Unduli and her Padawan as well as Clone Commandos accompanying them, which are included in the Fistful of Credits Squad Pack.

Cad Bane, Notorious Hunter

Unit Card

Cad Bane, cold and cruel Bounty Hunter, as a part of Shatterpoint fills the role of control-type primary unit, capable of pursuing enemies around the board. He is also the first primary unit in the game, who offers 9SP, however at the cost of only 2 Force Points provided.

How About You Step Aside? is an interesting control tool that lets your opponent choose – stop contesting the objective and get Disarmed condition or risk its own life for the objective and get Exposed and Strained condition. This may be a tough choice, especially, when the targeted unit is one of the opponents key units.

No One Gets Between Me and My Job is a very good, but also Force-efficient ability, that after every attack of an allied unit (except Cad) lets him deal 2 damage straight to, for example, finish off that enemy unit. If the attack target is not in Bane range he may jump toward that target. This and his Rocket Boots makes him a kinda mobile character at all.

I’ll Take On Any Job… For the Right Price, last but not least ability in his arsenal is a reason why that 2 forces shouldn’t bother you, especially when he is paired with another Bounty Hunters in your Strike Team. After any friendly character wounds an enemy unit you refresh one Force Point and Cad Bane Heals [1]. Then, if that friendly character is a Bounty Hunter, you refresh one more Force. 

This is a powerful tool for Force-efficient Strike Teams, promoting aggressive gameplay. Exceptionally good while paired with abilities such as Not So Fast (Jango Fett ability) that inflicts direct wounds to the enemies.

Stance Card

Needs No Introduction is Cad Bane utility tree. Up to 8 damage (5 average) is supplemented with many moves (up to 2 Jumps and up to 2 Pushes), Heal [0-2] and Pinned/Disarmed condition. 

As Long As I Get Paid, a more aggressive tree, with a nice balance of attack and defense however. Up to 9 damage (6 average) is supplemented with up to 3 conditions (Disarmed, Strained, Pinned) and Push. 

It’s worth mentioning that in both stances his defense expertise is exceptionally good, shining with 3 Expertise on the roll with 2 Blocks, Heal [1] and a move in form of Jump. He can move out or range after being attacked by the first character of the supporting unit or just “ignore” pushes.

Aurra Sing

Unit Card

Aurra Sing, Palliduvan Sniper, was a force sensitive Bounty Hunter that left the Jedi Order to become Scum for Hire. In Star Wars: Shatterpoint she is a peek-a-boo secondary character.

Double the Contract, Double the Payout is a reactive ability that allows her to perform an additional attack after her normal one, using 5 dice and targeting different unit. Theoretically, it can be used as a finisher for low-HP enemies, quickly scoring momentum tokens, but it demands a certain setup. 

Hit and Run is another reactive ability in her arsenal (however triggered by the same event, so you can use this, or previous ability at the same time). When used after your attack, you may immediately Repostition. 

Expendable Distraction, her innate ability may drastically increase the number of hers attack dice, however at the cost of 2 HP from another allied unit and again, it demands certain setup.

Last, but totally hot ability is Payday (which you can find also on the Bounty Hunters supporting unit). This ability, everytime you reveal an Order Card (so literally in every of your activations unless you use a card from reserve), allows you to add one Tag to the unit using this ability. That means, unit with Payday may be a Battle Droid, Clone Trooper, Force User, Jedi or whatever you need at the moment! This may be a type of glue or filament for many Strike Teams!

Stance Card

Not Asking Permission, Aurra Sing stance, is quite good. On average 3 hits she can deal 4 to 5 damage while also dealing 2 annoying conditions – Pinned and Strained while also Pushing opponent’s miniature. Single attack is capable of dealing 6-9 damage. 

Aurra Sing shines in the matter of defense expertise when rolling only one expertise result, not only gaining a block but also totally neutralizing one crit result.

Bounty Hunters

Unit Card

Bounty Hunters shines as one of the most underrated units in the whole Shatterpoint. On the Trail ability gives them a free dash at the start of their activation and that kind of abilities are always good to see in this game. Tools of the Trade on the other hand is a flexible ability that allows you to either weaken your opponent with disarmed condition or gain Sharpshooter [2] and Impact [2] until the end of turn. However it demands a good positioning to take focus as one of the actions and a shot in another. 

Last ability in their toolkit, the one they share with Aurra Sing, is Payday. This ability makes them highly valuable in certain Strike Teams (especially with units like Padme Amidala or Grand Inquisitor), as they can “shapeshift” with anyone keyword in the game. 

Stance Card

Hunting Season, in my opinion, is the element that is balancing this unit. Pretty balanced tree for a supporting unit, including up to 5-6 damage, 1-2 Pushes and conditions like Pinned or Exposed are nothing special. You should think twice before putting them into melee range due to their vulnerability in this type of combat. 

In summary, this squad provides you with new options for list building, including one of the most interesting supporting units released this year and 9SP Primary.

If you want to start your adventure with Star Wars Shatterpoint, check our Shatterpoint Guide!

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