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MCP – Remastered Core Set

Do you want to know more about Core Set Remaster?

MCP – Ant-Man

Fascinating journey of Scott Lang as Ant-Man in Marvel Comics. From his humble beginnings to becoming a heroic figure

MCP – Mix of Projects #4

Hello there! Here we go with some miniatures from Marvel Crisis Protocol. All what I write here is based on comics. “I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.” On the right there is a well known Steve Rogers, widely known as Captain America. Before he became a superhero he was “just a kid from Brooklyn” that MCP – Mix of Projects #4

MCP – Core Set

“With great power comes great responsibility” Hello Friends! We want to show you some Marvel Crisis Protocol models from Core Set today. Game is made by Atomic Mass Games (X-Wing, Armada, Legion) from Asmodee Group. The game showcases all-known characters from Marvel Comic Books and is an epic, tactical wargame for 2 people. Each player MCP – Core Set

Marvel – She-Hulk

“This hard science stuff is beyond me.” Hello Marvel Fans! 😀 Episode 1 of the first She-Hulk season premiered on Disney+ on Thursday. I already saw it and it’s more “chill” than all these “multiverse things” happening in the MCU now. I enjoyed watching the adventures of Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) and Bruce Banner (Mark Marvel – She-Hulk

Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Iconic Heroes

Hello Wargamers! How are you doing today? We are very happy to present you another wave of iconic heroes from Marvel Crisis Protocol. This should be a treat to all Marvel fans! Many of the superheores came to mainstream due to movies, some are still waiting for their adaptations, so you probably know them from Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Iconic Heroes

Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Superheroes

Hello Wargamers! Today we are taking a little break from Warhammer and other fantasy games and jumping into world of Marvel! Marvel: Crisis Protocol is a tactical tabletop game for two players based on MCU. In each game, you and your friend will be selecting teams of Marvel heroes, clashing on a personalized battlefield and Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Superheroes

Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Core Box

Today we would like to treat all of our Marvel fans! Marvel Crisis Protocol is a skirmish game taking place in universe based on Marvel’s comics and movies! In the set you will find some of the most iconic super-heroes and villains: Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Red Skull, Crossbones, Baron Zemo, Captain America, Black Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Core Box

Marvel: Crisis Protocol – M.O.D.O.K.

Supervillain from Marvel: Crisis Protocol – M.O.D.O.K. painted in Studio by one of our great artists! That’s the second character we did for a new skirmish from Atomic Games. Soon we will be able to show you full Core Set and some extra terrains too! If you need your own super-miniature, just let us know: Marvel: Crisis Protocol – M.O.D.O.K.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Hulk

Heya! Marvel Crisis Protocol is one of the newest, “mainstream” wargames on the market. With an extremally popular IP and well-designed miniatures it is a good choice for all fans of superheroes and small, skirmish games. I would like to show you Hulk from first wave of expansions, painted in our Studio not so long Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Hulk