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Infinity – Few Words About the Game

Hello Wargamers!

In this post we want to talk about Infinity, a miniature wargame made by Corvus Belli. Dive into the world of galactic expansion with this dynamic and balanced skirmish game. It possesses a great amount of realism and flexibility, providing players with a wide variety of tactical and strategic maneuvers to employ during the game.

There are some differentiators in this game across the other popular wargames. The first is that you build your roster knowing which scenario you’ll play. The second is that you use d20, not d6. And the third and one of the best things in this game: there are two kinds of information here, open and private. Private information are your troopers cost, the identity of your lieutenant but also the special skills of your units or even whole deployments that you can reveal mid game (known as hidden deployment and airborne deployment). “Private” means you can keep it to yourself, your opponent cannot ask you about it and it remains secret until a specific game event forces you to disclose it. All other information than “private” is “open”.

We think we gave you a little sneak peek about how the game works and we hope you will give it a try!

Below you can see some photos of infinity models (they’re all metal, except Marut)

Over, MFW crew

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