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Infinity – Few Words About the Game

Hello Wargamers! In this post we want to talk about Infinity, a miniature wargame made by Corvus Belli. Dive into the world of galactic expansion with this dynamic and balanced skirmish game. It possesses a great amount of realism and flexibility, providing players with a wide variety of tactical and strategic maneuvers to employ during Infinity – Few Words About the Game

Fallout Wasteland Warfare – Brotherhood of Steel / Robots / Supermutants

Hey Wargamers! Welcome in second post about Fallout Wasteland Warfare game. I’d like to show you mix of Brotherhood of Steel, Supermutants and Robots miniatures. All of them painted in our studio not so long ago 🙂 ENjoy full gallery below. If you feel that you want to have your own collection painted ->

Fallout Wasteland Warfare – Ghouls / Vermins / Deathclaw

Hey! For the first time in our workshop we had a pleasure to paint miniatures for Fallout Wasteland Warfare! Modiphus Entertainment decided to release wargame in well-know, postapo world which we all love since 1997. Below you may find pictures of models painted in our workshop as a commission. They are from the following sets: Fallout Wasteland Warfare – Ghouls / Vermins / Deathclaw