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30k – Ferrus Manus

They are not my hands. This fact is forgotten by my brothers — inexplicably, it has always seemed to me. The hands are strong, to be sure, and have created great things for us all, but they are not mine. And that counts for something. They forget that the silver on my arms comes from a beast that I vanquished. It is the mark of a great evil that I ended, and yet it persists within me…I would struggle to remove it now…I will not remove the silver from my flesh because I have learned to depend on it. The fault is with my mind. I rely on the augmentation given to me by my metal gauntlets, so much so that the flesh beneath them is now little more than a distant memory…A day will come when I will strip it from me, lest I lose the power to master myself forever. Already my Legion’s warriors replace their shield hands with metal in my honor, and so they too are learning to doubt the natural strength of their bodies. They must be weaned off this practice before it becomes a mania for them. Hatred of what is natural, of what is human, is the first and greatest of the corruptions. So I record it here: when the time comes, I will strip my hands of their unnatural silver. I will instruct my Legion to recant their distrust of the flesh. I will turn them away from the gifts of the machine and bid them to relearn the mysteries of flesh, bone and blood. When my father’s Crusade is over, this shall be my sacred task. When the fighting is done, I shall cure my Legion and myself. For if fighting is all there is, if we may never pause to reflect on what such devotion to strength is doing to us, then our compulsion will only grow.

Hello Friends! 😀

We want to present to you Ferrus Manus, Primarch of the Iron Hands Space Marine Legion from Warhammer Horus Heresy (a.k.a. Warhammer 30k). This scenic base presents him in his last minutes of life, showing their effort on Istvaan V during the Dropsite Massacre. Few moments later he was decapitated by their former friend, Fulgrim, primarch of Emperors’ Children Traitor Legion, who now is Daemon Prince of Slaanesh. 

Model was painted by our talented Artists.

We hope you like it!

Over and cheers, MFW crew

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