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Collectibles – Echoes of Camelot

Hello there!

Come and sit down at the Round Table with King Arthur and his knights with these beautifully painted models from Big Child Creatives Kickstarter campaign

What we present here are 75mm versions of Grail Pilgrim, The Green Knight, Lancelot du Lac, Merlin, Sir Percival, Uther Pendragon, The Lady of the Lake, Sir Kay, Mordred, Morgana Le Fay, Sir Galahad, Queen Guinevere and King Arthur Pendragon himself. 

All of these are painted on Display level, showcasing every of these excellent details.

“I pray I am judged fairly. Not kindly. Just fairly.” – King Arthur Pendragon

“Actions have consequences, as my poor father shall soon learn.” – Mordred

“That which is necessary is not evil.” – Morgana

“I found the Grail once, and I shall do it again.” – Sir Percival

“My dying wish is that my son live his life with fewer regrets than I.” – Uther Pendragon

“I serve as seneschal in my step-brother’s illness. But I am a mere substitute, not a king.” – Sir Kay

“The wilds are the proper place for my exile. Do not look for me. I shall trouble you no longer.” – Sir Lancelot du Lac

“I have a destiny to fulfill, and I only hope to prove worthy.” – Sir Galahad

“It is the doom of mortal men that they forgot.” – Merlin

“Heed me, ye knights, for thy judgment is nigh.” – The Green Knight

“From the water comes the blade, and to the water it shall return.” – Nimue, Lady of the Lake

*muted grass noises* – Grail Pilgrim

“You know, Arthur spends all of his days obsessing over how to free Merlin from his perennial state. I don’t even remember the last time he showed affection to me.” – Queen Guinevere

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