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AoS – Kragnos, the End of Empires

“I will speak the words of vigour renewed. I will turn the page, begin the new Chapter, and see the lands thrive once more. Although it may cost me my life, I no longer care.”

Hello there!

Today we want to show you a Kragnos, The End of Empires! He’s a universal miniature for Grand Alliance Destruction in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar. 

Long time ago Kragnos was a member of a mortal race known as the Drogrukh. He has ascended to the range of god-like deity during the Age of Myth. He was born to the tribal elder Grogos but at a young age was exiled due to beating his brother under some love circumstances (Kragnos was known for his temper and deep desires while also his hatred to lose). With his closest companions Kragnos roamed across his motherland, becoming skilled in the art of war and combat. After his actions, Orruks began to venerate him, enshrining him; they believe that Kragnos is a god himself. He earned his “The End of Empires” after destroying many barbarian nations with his kin, using his favorite strategy of reaching high ground and then deep diving on his opponents, causing walls to crumble. He even led the genocide of Draconith nation, hunting down each member of it, breaking a non-aggression pact brokered by his father. He was entrapped by Lord Kroak in association of Kroaks’ mage-priests into a mountain, and being there after Alarielle’ Ritual of Life set him free, leading to the destruction of the city of Excelsis.

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